Ho Boy…

Just realized I live next to morons. Why? Because of this…


You’re 21 McDouche! You are not close to 30. Now although this statement is true, why not 40? Or even 80? All those numbers would make the statement true but the person who wrote this makes 30 out to being a bad number. For that I say, you are a moron. Oh and birthday boy? Wash your truck .

Sorry for the lack of holiday posts. Expect an epic Halloween one before the big day.

8 thoughts on “Ho Boy…

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  1. A couple of months ago an online friend of mine got the front of his car covered with taped on pieces of paper that wished him a happy 21st. I would rather not be inconvenienced. And that isn’t as bad as I think it was failblog a while ago someone had that type of paint on their rear window that said something like stay out of this country until you learn english and I think english was spelled wrong lol. Epic fail indeed. I love that friggen website. And for the naughtier folk, pornfail.com is great too even though it’s not updated nearly enough.

  2. His friends are nowhere near 30 or they wouldn’t have written something SO OFFENSIVE. They suck. On a brighter note, I was with a bunch of 37-38 year olds last weekend and I, at 34, was the only one who got carded. It made them feel bad, haha.

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