Scary? Meh. Creepy? You Betcha

Last night I finally pulled my head out of the books and reintroduced myself with the outside world. Not as scary as I built it up to be. Actually, seeing people going about doing their Friday night thing was a welcomed change to what sick people do any given night of the week. Man, hospitals are growing old . Anywho, I decided to go grab dinner and see a movie. But not just some random movie like the bullshit that was thrust on us this summer but a very much anticipated independently made film that has been on my “must see” list ever since it was introduced to a film fest in 2007. I know you have heard the hype about this too. Paranormal Activity.


I don’t think I will go too far into the movie about how it came to be a nation wide blockbuster but I will say what I walked away with. This film finally accomplished what most horror movies fail to do; genuinely creep me out. I don’t believe I have had that happen to me in the theater in some time. I mean, horror directors like Zombie and Eli Roth do a great job of disturbing me through gore and violence, but they couldn’t even dream of creeping me out. They make movies for brain-dead teenagers. Paranormal Activity is a totally different bag of Swedish fish. There is thought, creativity, no CGI, brilliant acting, and a building tension that will literally have your muscles twitching  from squeezing the armrest.

As much as I loved this film it is not the scariest that I have seen. But probably the most creepy. Yes, it is a Blair Witch type genre movie and there are times when you actually believe this is not a mockumetory but the real home video. And that is the acting. If it was not for the two amazing actors, this film would fail. And in a world full of empty-headed movie viewers that have to see the monster rather that using imagination, it is a real risk to put the film in the hands of two people.

Speaking of creepy, I want to share scenes from movies that give me the creeps so you can judge where I am coming from.

The Ring:

I know that I am probably dumbing this blog down by claiming the movie The Ring to be one of the creepiest that I have seen but…I guess I am dumb. The movie as a whole was not very scary but this scene took me from expecting a “teen horror pop film” to a chill so deep I almost threw my VCR out that very night. I suppose it was because I knew nothing of it before I saw it in the theaters.


This is a scary movie. Quite possibly the scariest that I have ever seen and it hits all points of fear: scared of the unknown, being eaten alive, alien enviroment, dark places, and of course the helplessness. The particular scene that got me the worst was when Alex Kittner was attacked and everyone just stood there in a panic on the beach. The only view we had of the shark was the massive rollover of the dorsal and pectoral fin giving us a pretty good idea how large this fish was. Fucking enormous. I can still hear that poor kid coughing underwater as he was pulled down and devoured.


The Haunted(1991):

This made for TV movie has a definite WE or Lifetime feel to it but when I saw it at 12 years old back in the nineties, I think my bedroom lights were on for the rest of the year. Now almost 20 years later I can still see why. It has a genuine creepiness through simple bumps and whispers. When you take a normal family in a suburb that experience unexplainable events that progress to evil acts in the safety of their own home, you just can’t help but think of that in bed at midnight.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose:

Again, not a very scary film but the creeps are all over this. I don’t know if she was possessed or not but the scene of her contorted on the floor staring at her boyfriend as he slept made my feet go cold. There is nothing more disturbing than having someone stare at you in your most vulnerable state.

Learn from my mistakes! The night I saw this with my ex-girlfriend we went to bed and she was pretty riled up from the film. A few hours later I woke up to use the restroom and came back to bed. For some reason it seemed like a good idea to “act out” the same scene when Emily was contorted and lying on the floor, staring right at her. I coughed a few times to wake her and when she came to and realized I wasn’t beside her she looked around the room and called for me. She sat up and looked right at me being a total asshole on the floor and holy shit! She freaked out. There was screaming and tears. I didn’t think it was that scary. Makes you wonder why we didn’t last, huh?

So to recap, go see Paranormal Activity. But remember, the fear doesn’t come in the theater quite like it does at 2am from the safety of your own bed. Man, now that is brilliant film making.

9 thoughts on “Scary? Meh. Creepy? You Betcha

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    1. Your friend did an amazing job. Brilliant movie and amazing use of every day technological vhs sounds. eeeee. Just gripping, I am sure if I had not drank a dozen beers than i could be more descriptive. sheesh…

  1. I loved paranormal activity when I saw it three weeks ago.
    It was a great movie.
    We need more movies like this.
    Not just in the horror genre, but in all matters of film.

  2. I’m sorry you did that to your ex…but come on that would be awesome once the tears subsided…haha 😉

    PS: OMG, bar none, the “I saw her face” scene from The Ring is perhaps once of the creepiest, I literally went airborne from my chair the first time I saw it 😉

  3. Yeah, I am dumb too because when I saw The Ring in the theater I couldn’t go home right away, I had to get a drink or 12 into me before sleeping in an empty apt. For weeks afterward, I couldn’t even close my eyes to rinse my hair in the shower because I kept picturing their faces after they died. Creeee-py.

  4. I have to see that movie Paranormal Activity!! You know what other movie creeped me out is White Noise. It’s a terrible movie and a terrible ending but the fact that there could be something to the white noise coming out of a baby monitor? That scares me enough as it is when it goes off because of some neighbor’s cordless phone! I had little ones at the time so that movie did it for me. You are all alone and it is quiet in the house except for you humming softly in the livingroom, flipping throuh a magazine and suddenly the monitor starts talking in static! Scares the shit out of me! It brings back to mind the movies with the babysitters and the killer is upstairs and she can hear him on the monitor. *shiver* I just scared myself again. On a funny note, I watched The Ring with my neice one night. We were on the livingroom floor with pillows and popcorn and stuff. Then while she was switching to another movie, (I had long dark hair so I put it over my face) I started crawling towards her. It scared her so bad, but it was hilarious!

  5. I’m a little late in the game but when I first saw The Ring, I was at a friend’s boyfriend’s house… and we were staying over. And I was in the guest room. By myself. With no lights.

    Fuck. That.

    I commandeered his two pugs and made them sleep on the bed with me as “protection”. One near my chest and one behind my knees. They only left me to go out in the morning, then resumed their guard positions.

    I now have a soft spot for pugs. And I haven’t watched the movie since.

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