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I am sorry that things have been so busy here and I haven’t been a good neighbor to some of my blog pals. But I have a good excuse! Actually the best excuse of all. Work! So I figure I will take you on a little tour of my office as of late. Don’t worry, you have a cooler one.

Welcome to Fire Station 7!

img_0257As the wildfire season draws to a close, Smokejumpers pack away the parachutes, Hotshot Crews turn in the chainsaws for hoses and everyone goes back to the basics as firemen. As a pilot this change is especially exciting because this is as close to the action as one can get. The team camaraderie and service to community for a career is second to none but above all else it is element of danger. I have never excelled in life with a noose tie around my neck. I’m the type that requires a helmet. And no, not because I am retarded. (smart ass)

img_0278Well, that’s all the gear of the crew that’s not one call. The bottom area is for normal fire and rescue operations and the top shelf is for wildland fire. It’s different living so close to “nature” where one minute you are putting out Granny May’s kitchen and her famous elk roast and the next you are fighting an entire mountain fire because Ernest was burning a pile of cow poop while drinking a case of Milwaukee’s Best. You never know. The crew that is on shift have their gear ready by the trucks. I need the extra time because I flex in the rear view mirrors……a lot.



img_0264That’s my seat in the truck you see above. Just in case you were curious. I have only rolled out a few times but my name is above it. And that alone makes me a happy pappy.

img_0259Everything here in Idaho is retro. I personally love that about this place but when it comes to things that stand between life and death, that 1970’s ambulance makes me weary. Remember that show “Emergency” from three decades ago? That’s it right there.

img_0272You have to love the wood paneling inside the ambulance. Nothing says “you’re going to make it” like old school medicine decor. I don’t mean to rip too hard on the paramedics’ mode of transportation but it is funny to ask them where they keep the bite sticks and glass syringes. Ah, they are good people.

img_0274Even cooler from the drives seat. It has an unmistakable smell of rubbing alcohol and coffee. I still shiver from the thought that people arrived at the hospital D.O.A. in this thing.

img_0276There is the Lieutenant hard at work. This guy is the man. He has been a Smokejumper out of California for 15 years, on the department altogether for over 22 years. He has so many stories that he tells at the most inappropriate times. Nothing beats eating pizza while he talks about having a compound fracture from a bad jump. He would have kicked me in the shins if he caught me taking this picture.


So here I sit at the station, blogging. Secretly blogging. I’m waiting for a cool call and listening to the emergency traffic. Last night I had my personal radio on at the house and there was a call for a twenty five year old male who was riding his bike naked and was being treated for exposure. Cold weather exposure. I can’t wait until 3am.

img_0275Oh yeah! We have love for our Canadian pals too.

13 thoughts on “Home Away From Home

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  1. Just don’t get dead, Firemarshall Bill. Then who would be Mr. February in the annual Fireman’s Calendar? 😉

    Me dead? Nah. I’m too dense for that to happen.

  2. Wow, I didn’t know you were a firefighter. You must be tall. I’ve never known a short firefighter. I don’t know very many firefighters, but those I do know are tall.

    Not that tall. I’m 6′ even. You know, I haven’t met a short firefighter either.

  3. That is so cool. Summer of last year I was contemplating being a police officer for a career but then I gave up on it. And besides I think I am too liberal (I hate that word, but I can’t think of another word to describe it) to earn respect in that field. Damn conservatives, taking over the world.

    There is nothing wrong with being liberal! Actually the older I get the more liberal I become. i can see you more as a paramedic. You have a warmth about you that can calm people.

  4. compound fracture from a bad jump hurts just to read that.

    duh, guys, he would have his own calendar with holiday themed poses for each month.

    I bet you do know. Are you on the mend yet?
    Watch out for my December picture with only stockings and a Santa hat.

  5. Watch out for or look forward to? You could make some money when you consider all the lady fans you have on here…

    I can see Jodi as an EMT too, I think you’re absolutely right on that one. Probably much less political as well. I know when I took my ride last month the twp guys were awesome and I couldn’t have asked for cooler people. It takes your mind off things for a few moments. I say go for it!

    I did come back just to say that it must be difficult to keep a wood paneled ambulance clean in certain situations…ew. But I am starting to do better, thanks for asking. Tuesday of this week I got the ok to start working on walking. It’s amazing how quickly your body takes a crap when you stop moving it. Physical therapy twice a week is helping a lot and I see people there who are much worse off than I, so that helps too.

    It’s great what you’re doing. It seems to suit you much better than suits and meetings.

    Amy, you are too sweet.

  6. Smokejumpers make me think of “Entourage” and I giggle. (If you don’t watch Entourage, I’m sorry. That reference would have been absolutely useless.) And the wood panelling? I’m totally doing that to my minivan. That is hot!

    I haven’t seen that show yet. They have smokejumpers in it? I’m intrigued.

  7. Awwww your too freakin’ sweet. Can you like send me a 2000 word essay in an email saying more good stuff? lol!! The reason why I said that about being liberal is because republicans act like that is the worst thing in the world to be and it has put in my head that that is a nasty thing to be. But I wouldn’t label myself as a democrat. A few years ago I wanted to be a child therapist. I thought I would be great at it because kids quickly warm up to me. I still think I could do that job. I am looking into being a babysitter now!

    Only 2000? 😉

  8. Your job sounds exciting, a little scary, but exciting. Much better than looking at pictures all day (which is what I get to do) So…are any of the guys you work with single?

    I think so but you are out of their league. 😉

  9. Why do I have a feeling that if you ever put yourself in a calendar it would be 12 different images of you in horror movie costumes with bloody burst-open squibs, snarling fangs or eerie, eerie wide eyed stepford blankness? I mean, LOTS of werewolf fur here and there? Tufts…. (I love that word…)… But I digress.

    You are a fireman. Thank you most sincerely.

    I wrote a post about firefighters once but I’ve never known any to have exchanged words with them. I’d be honoured if you read the post and added something if you felt like it so I am shamelessly posting the link…


    Next time, so you know, I want to see the photo of you getting your shins kicked cuz I’m just mean that way (wink).

    Oh, and was the guy who got the ice cream cone on his head a fireman too? Cuz, that would make it even better somehow… Don’t ask why. I’ve been thinking for days that that should be a T-shirt…

  10. Did ya hear the one about the fireman and policeman who died? Both went to heaven where they were issued their wings with the warning that if they had even one bad thought their wings would fall off. Well, everything went well for some time. Then one day they passed a very attractive woman. As the fireman turned to watch her pass his wings fell off. When he bent over to pick them up, the policeman’s wings fell off.

    Hahahaha I kill me.

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