Sorry it has been a while. That’s pretty presumptuous of me to apologize as if anyone was really waiting, huh? Well, anyway, it is for good reason. As of Monday I have resigned (even though I still went in yesterday) because I am changing careers and moving 2300 miles North West to Idaho. So, this coming Monday I will make the long trek across this great country and hopefully blog about it on the way. It’s a little scary, especially because the town I am moving to does business via fax only still. No shit, here is the conversation I had with a leasing agent about an apartment I a renting.

Me: Hello, I am moving to Coeur D’ Alene this next week and I saw from the classified ad that you have an open apartment for rent and I was hoping I could go ahead and get an application.

Lady: Oh Neat! Sure thing. Do you have a fax?

Me: I do but would it be possible if you could just put it in an email attachment since I will be putting personal information on it?

Lady: Oh, I am sorry. We don’t have the application on the Internets.

Me: *shit my own brain*

See why I might be a little nervous? I think the lady actually believes that the internet is a series of nets. Beside the fact I have no idea of what the apartment looks like. I bet she would mail me Polaroids if I was to ask. A leap of faith, my friends.

So that is my lack of posting excuse. I think that’s a good one. Now I have to get back to packing the essentials and buy a coat because I hear north Idaho can get cold, especially to a dude who lived the past couple of years in a subtropic climate. And for that very reason I may just grow a beard.

Oh, before I go I need you guys to take a survey. I have a buddy here who is just one of the greatest guys but I truly believe he is a hybrid.ย  It has always been up for debate who he looks like more. I will leave it up to you. Here he is below:

Here is another angle…

So study D’s features and tell me A) B) or C), who you think he looks like the most. I’m not being mean, I ask him this all the time. He always picks C.

A) Mick Jagger

B) David Johaneson

C) Ed from Iron Maiden

Choose carefully. Now I really have to go because there is a lady that just sat behind me and she is eating a plum like it’s her job. I can’t tell if she is eating the plum or the plum is eating her face.ย  Watch your fingers, lady!

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  1. It’s about damn time! My life ceases to exist when you don’t update your blog!

    Whoa, that’s a heck of a move! I only plan to move when I’m old and retired and go live on some farm where I can just feed my chickens and live off my land. Or end up in some rest home once the Alzheimers kicks in at 50 from my lack of brain cells due to all the drinking in my youth. Either way, it will be bliss.

    As for your friend there…I’d say he’s like a cross between A and C.

  2. IDAHO?!?!?! Why get that close to Seattle and not just move HERE?

    *raises beer* (I know it’s only 8 am) Here’s to a great adventure!! Coeur D’ Alene is really beautiful.

  3. DC: I already said that I will be using my post 80 retirement money for acid and Tai Chi lessons so I’ll be right with you.

    SH: We totally need to get a beer. I will be in and out of Seattle from time to time. My treat.

  4. Delurking here. I immediately thought David Johanssen before I even saw the pictures. I also thought of Mojo Nixon and Tom Waitts (I’ve never actually seen them in the same room together, so they could be the same guy–in my head, of course. I’m sure if I looked at their photos side by side I’d be terribly wrong. I suppose I could just use the ‘internets’ to find out, but I’d rather spend my procrastination time commenting, thanks.)

    I hope you find interesting things to write about in Idaho. Sounds like you’re off to a good start.

  5. Bill–If you are in Seattle and don’t let me know, I’ll cry.

    Does this mean you’ll host summer BBQs at the lake? And winter skiing trips?
    SUH-WEET!!! (Oh, you didn’t know that living in an Idaho lake paradise automatically nominates you for weekend getaway host duties?) ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Awesome! We should get together when we’re senile and discuss colostomy bags.

    Don’t forget to send me some po-taters. Idaho?! No, U da ho!

  7. He kind of looks like Kevin Bacon 30 years from now.

    Josh, you do know that David Johanssen and Buster Poindexter are the same person, right?

    Also, I also thought of Buster, and then realized this above fact.

  8. Yessir I do, and I don’t know why I wrote Buster Poindexter instead of David Johanssen.
    But I did, and now I have to live with that.

  9. Idaho huh? Well if your route takes you thru Colorado and you need a place to crash for the night let me know!

    And I gotta go with the Canuck and say David Johanssen

  10. Here’s a hint for those cold days when you’re walking the 17 ft. from the front door to your car: try not to breathe but if you insist on doing so, make sure your nose / mouth area are completely covered (so you look like a burgler). If not, once you get in the car and take a deep breath the icicles that formed on your nose hairs will have defrosted just enough to shoot into your crainium and give you a brain freeze. Bet you’re just DYING for winter now.

  11. DUDE!!!

    I spent 15 years of my life trying to get OUT of Idaho…what in the [unbelievably long stream of explicatives removed by the internet gods so as to not break little old lady’s brains] would posses you to move there???

    At least North Idaho is pretty. For Idaho.

    p.s. yes, it gets so [wow, does this guy know how to swear] cold your [I’m pretty sure that’s not even possible] and then fall off. So buy a coat. maybe five.

    p.p.s oh, and no, the internets don’t go to Idaho. no one bothered to put them there. If it can’t be swam in, skied on or shot, no one sees any point.

  12. ” Now I really have to go because there is a lady that just sat behind me and she is eating a plum like itโ€™s her job. I canโ€™t tell if she is eating the plum or the plum is eating her face”…..

    …HAHAHAHAHA ๐Ÿ™‚ …that’s what happens to me when my serious motivational/supportive/encouraging response about your move gets totally ruined with your out-of-this-planet hilarity…..”she is eating a plum like it’s her job?”…who says that??!?!? YOU do! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Okay, hilarity-tears have been wiped…so what was I saying? Oh ya, so I looked at your map and you’ll actually be FURTHER from Toronto than you were before, so umm yeah…not too impressed with your move.

    Oh but seriously, good luck with the move! (LOL) Isn’t it cool that wherever you go your internet friends will be just a mouse-click away?! Hopefully that keeps you busy in between moments of turning on your charm to be-friend some Idahoans ๐Ÿ˜‰

    PS: he’s a dead ringer for “B”

  13. OMG! I am so excited I am busting at the friggin seams!!!

    I live in a small town called Hermiston Oregon look it up. It’s a 3 and a half hour drive from where you are going to move to!! I looked it up on google lol. You can totally come over and sleep on my couch and eat my food and watch tv and shit with me!! OMG!!

    Mick Jagger lol! He also looks like chuck norris a little. Like Mick and Chuck had a butt baby. I should run some laps to get the giddiness outta my system.

  14. Idaho??!? Uck. I lived in a little tiny hole called Rexburg for 2 years, thankfully for your sanity, you will be no where near there. I’ve driven through Coeur Dโ€™ Alene and I have a friend who lives in Spokane, WA (I think it’s something like 20 min from there) and we almost drove out that way while I was visiting her back in April. It is prettier up there and you aren’t too far from other places to visit. Good luck with the new job and the cold weather. Holy crap how it’s cold. After my two year stint in Idaho I promptly moved to Hawaii for two years to thaw. Keep that in mind, it may be something to consider for your long term plans.

  15. thanks everyone for the well-wishes. I think Idaho has potential. Actually I didn’t pick the state, the Government and school picked it for me. I’m just going to make the most of it and try not to be eaten by bears, get my toungue stuck to a lamp poll, pull a “Sonny Bono” on the skislopes (too soon?), eat the ‘bad berries’ or any one of a million stupid things I can potentially do. I’ll probably be an obsessive blogger/webmaster for Macabre and rip on the Idaho locals. Eh, it’s what I do.

  16. I was planning for your visit with all sorts of things that would convince you that Chapel Hill is the place to be! I had stuff! We were even planning a “Welcome Home Billy” party! You think I am lying! I assure you I am not! I bought streamers.

    So okay, Idaho. It’s cool. I’ll get a fax number so we can still talk to each other. Hmm.

  17. Oh moving is fun and exciting! I’m trying to move to North Carolina and not doing so well, couldn’t we have just traded places? But seriously, that is a super awesome adventure and I hope you have tons of fun along the way!

    Oh, and totally David Johaneson, but with a little peroxide (some for hair, but mostly for facial damage purposes), Iron Maiden could be attained.

  18. Wow, that’s big! And certainly a valid excuse for not posting (much more valid than the Michael Phelps exucse I’ve been using). Good luck with your move. I don’t really know anything about Idaho except that I have a cousin who lives there. If you see Monty, say hi for me.

  19. Wow, that’s going to be quite a change for you! I live 20 miles west and a hundred miles north from there. Don’t forget boots with a good tread to go with that jacket! And lots of jeans. And be aware it might take up to a year for your body to adjust.

    And your definition of ‘city’ might be a bit different than Coeur d’Alene! XD

  20. Pammy, I lived in Massachusetts for…too many years before I moved back to Maryland and I had completely forgotten what you described so accurately. I now remember that you have to just try to breathe as shallowly as possible when you first go outdoors, or you’ll wind up on the sidewalk coughing for 10 minutes. Take note, Billy.

    I’m going to go with the crowd and say B. But he does look a little like Tom Waits, too.

  21. Crisitunity: I lived in Massachusetts and Utah before I moved to DC. I miss the east terribly but I must say, the best thing about living in LA is not snorting icicles into the brain. I remember I decided to breathe through my mouth once instead and that resulting in chapped lips and a sore throat. Ya, not missing that at all.

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