Am I Really This Bad?

I write mostly in public places like coffee shops or the airport because I am one of those types that requires background noise to concentrate. I guess it was my time in the Army where I learned to sleep on the hand grenade range and could read Ernest Hemingway’s For Whom The Bell Tolls while waiting to jump from a C130. But recently my state of concentration has been broken by people praying together out loud. I can’t quiet figure out why but it makes me feel so uncomfortable I start to shift in my seat like I am regretting the decision to sport a cheetah and lace thong. I believe in God and I am comfortable with my faith but for some strange reason I hate it when there are three business men planning strategic development of a project and stop every ten to twenty minutes to pray. The God I choose to believe in answers prayers for the sick and destitute not for promotions and golf scores!

Ugh, maybe I am being too cynical. I guess people sharing faith is a good thing. Perhaps I have more of the Devil in me than I would like to know. Regardless, these dudes seem like the type that would be pretty annoyed if a Muslim started bowing to the east in here or a Wiccan broke out into chant or me as a Catholic got drunk and took off my shirt. So all I have to say is, take it to the house because you are harshing my blog.

In other news, tonight is the big premiere of Dean Karnazes movie, 50 Marathons. It will only be showing tonight so if you can, get tickets and go see it. It will be an experience not to be missed! You can find out which theater it will be showing near you right here. The guy ran 50 marathons in 50 consecutive days. Incredible.

Edit: Crap! This didn’t post until now. So I guess you missed Dean’s movie but that’s ok. I am writing a review of it right now and I bet it will be on DVD real soon.

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