Finally, Someone Has Said It…

This happens to me, as a Pub/Juke Box connoisseur, all the time. I just never thought about it until now.

11 thoughts on “Finally, Someone Has Said It…

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  1. They have one of those fancy new ‘jukeboxes’ at my fave bar. Which also happens to be a dive bar that all the locals go to…I love it. But we normally do get to hear our songs. And we always throw in something random like Micheal Jackson…just for the fun of it and crowd reaction.

    I think I’ll hit up that bar this weekend! 8)

  2. Lacey is so funny when she pointed out that when you spend ten minutes picking out the best songs and right when you walk away some crap song from Donny Osmand comes on and everyone one thinks you are the Maestro. So true!

    Wish I could go DC!

  3. Oh… I love putting James Brown on the jukebox and watching everyone just get downright FUN-kay. It’s awesome. And whenever Johnny Cash comes on, half the bar sings.
    Wait, Half the bar sings when Journey comes on too… what does that say for the Man In Black?


    Don’t stop Believin’ …

  4. Oh heck yes. I used to go to this hick bar and load of the juke box with bands like The Cure and New Order only to be stuck with Limp Biskit coming on as soon as I was done.

  5. There is a tavern here that I only went in once for a job application. Maybe when you come to visit me ‘ahem’ you can break my proverbial cherry and we should visit and order some nachos or somethin’. There was a tavern that my set of Grandparents from my Dad’s side took me to when I was a kid. I don’t remember what I ordered but I thought it was neat that a kid so young (10 or so) could get in because I thought you had to be 21 or older just to get through the door. The waitress jokingly asked if I wanted a beer. I blurted out no with a scared look on my face. My Grandma laughed and knew I thought it was a big deal. The main highlight of jukeboxes always for me was pushing that button and having the page flip over.

  6. You guys! Don’t make fun of him when he’s gone! Wait until he gets settled into his new apartment and gets an internet connection there. Then make fun of him! lol Billy/Bill/Will/WIilliam you know I love you. And the rest of the regulars that post. They are just sick is all and show their love through teasing. Oh yeah and my best friend is terrified that you are going to try to dance or do some other clever footwork and shove a hand accidentally through his big screen tv. Or some other kind of shenanigan. They don’t use that word enough anymore. Ever since Punky Brewster was canceled. I don’t like it when people say that a show was canceled when it was just taken off of the air. Like Seinfeld wasn’t canceled! It was just taken off the air! Now if a show was only like 3 seasons it was canceled. I just feel the word canceled is so negative.

    I think this is why you insisted I have my own blog. These kind of long winded commentaries. I don’t think I ever watched Punky Brewster just the cartoon. I know several of the story lines like the refrigerator one just from reading other people’s comments on the show. I could fake a lot of things just because I have read a lot of comments on those types of subjects. But I don’t want to be known as one of those people that tell exaggerated stories because those people eventually look sad and arrogant. I have enough problems as it is fitting in with the mass population. Anyway, take care everybody lol!!

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