Things I Know To Be True

  • I’m a 10CC, Seals and Crofts, and Gary Wright fan. Deal with it.
  • I love bad horror movies and I force them on my friends.  They hate me for that.
  • I’m cocky when it comes to cinema history, rock/metal history, military history, darts, beer drinking, flying and project management issues. Everything else, I am a little intimidated by.
  • Given the choice of style, I always go with the style of ’73.
  • I snore but if I roll over, I stop.
  • I’m a shoe freak, thanks to a certain someone.
  • The best live show I have ever seen was Foreigner. I know, I still can’t believe it. They rocked.
  • Drive”by the Cars is the greatest make out song of all time.
  • I’d rather eat hamburgers than anything else.
  • Every time I go to the beach I sing “Take On Me” by Ah HA.         No idea.
  • I hate eating in public.
  • I spent 6 years in the military and spend everyday in guilt for not being back active.
  • I like naps, but hate waking up sweaty with something stuck to my face.
  • Two tattoos. Used to have two pierced nipples. Don’t judge me.
  • I am closer to Dad than Mom. I feel bad but it is what it is.
  • The prettiest thing I have ever heard is Vicki’s singing voice.
  • I get freaked out when I stand next to skyscrapers. I tend to crouch.
  • I think Dick Ducommun is the coolest person in the world.
  • My metal roots were planted by Heart
  • My turn offs are ignorance, racism, and sexism. You’ll never recover from that with me.
  • I love golf but don’t like the people who play it. Story to come later.
  • Wine makes me randy, beer makes me drunk and liquor makes me “that guy”.
  • I have seen What About Bob three hundred times and it keeps getting funnier, every time I see it.
  • The bend of the arm and knee and that soft part of the neck gives me the willies.
  • I like wallpaper over paint.
  • I have been arrested.  It was dropped but I still have a mugshot. It was over a traffic ticket that I paid but was never, I don’t know, sent to the magic land of driver license ticket already paid file. I hate them all.
  • I met Kevin Costner. When we met he said “I won’t sign an autograph but I’ll let you shake my hand.” My college roommate said, “Bullshit…you can shake mine.” I always looked up to that dude.
  • I will get into “Sex In The City” kicking and screaming. It is inevitable but I am giving the good fight. Sarah J. Parker does look like a foot.
  • I want what I can’t have.
  • I have been awake for the sunrise hundreds of times. I want to see it someday.
  • Lacey is turning 27 this weekend.
  • I used to throw a perfect spiral. It’s gone.
  • Kids who go to bed hungry make me stay awake at night.
  • I fart on escalators on purpose.
  • I tend to confuse escalators and elevators.
  • I miss my grandmother on my Dad’s side and my Granddad on my mom’s.
  • I think spinach was found to be edible on accident.
  • I want to be a dad
  • I don’t like to be touched by people I don’t know.
  • I’m waiting for the mustache to come back.
  • I want my best friend to know I am sorry.

17 thoughts on “Things I Know To Be True

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  1. Who’s Vicky??

    I am honored you shared these things with us. Some are funny, some we already knew, and some show how sensitive you are. Sensitivity in a man is a great character trust me! This is one of my favorite blogs you have written so far. I want to write something like this. You have been very inspiring this week Will!!

    This blog article also reminded me of the site postsecret. I don’t know if you have heard of the site but might as well share it so others can visit. People anonymously send a postcard with a secret on it to Frank the guy that runs the site owns. Once a week he updates. They are all artistic. Some are touching, some make you want to tear up, some funny, some are weird etc. At least half of them something someone says I can relate to. I have thought about sending a postcard to him, my idea has changed this last 6 months or so. I have the postcard already that i bought about 6 months ago.

  2. I agree with jdevore… very inspiring and very much like postsecret. I love these kinds of posts.

    My Friday morning milke-through-the-nose moment…. “Sarah J. Parker does look like a foot”. For the record, I will NOT see the sex in the city movie and have seen only half an episode. I am proud.

  3. Well it’s good to know you want to be a dad, because I’ve been thinking lately that my backup plan if I don’t have children by the time I’m 30 is to rape you in your sleep. And now I know how to get you to stop snoring! But just in case you wake up, I’m going to be nice and roleplay a little to make your feel more at ease. I just need to steal the shirt off a Kinko’s employee and we’ll be in business.

  4. I agree with jdevore (and therefore furrychocolates too). This was awesome. I don’t even know where to begin with a comment. I saw Dan Seals perform at a small venue one time. Was he in Seals & Croft?? “I’ll let you shake my hand”? What a complete jackass. I briefly considered postponing my upcoming vacation to allow me to see Sex and the City on opening night. My husband and the 15 other family members going put the smack down on that one pretty quickly! TGIF.

  5. Seriously….despite all you’ve just revealed, I have a million more questions.Billy, you’re a tease! 🙂

  6. Excellent list of things that I now know to be true. Thanks.

    Dream Weaver STILL gives me the chills after all these years. *sigh*

    Hmmm…darts & beer drinking…consider yourself challenged my friend because I am known for my dart & beer drinking skills in this neck o’ the woods!

    Wine makes you randy. Who’s Randy? Never met him. Mwahahahahaha.

  7. 27… Really?? People say it’s one of the “nothing special years” Well I think 27 is sexy. I’m going to make it a sexy year!

    Speaking of sexy….I love Sex in the City. You should get into it. I see the Sex in the City movie in your future.

    Wallpaper over paint… who knew?

    Hamburgers = Heaven.

    Oh and can you discribe the exact style of ’73 for me please?

  8. Sweet god Bill.
    More about you than I ever thought I would know.
    This reminds me of my 15 things I wrote a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago, but yours is so much more to the point and I much like it.

    PS- I too am waiting for the Moustache to Come Back.
    Burt Reynolds was hot shit in Smokey and the Bandit.
    The original Moustache Ride, baby.

  9. essaytch I always feel he is a tease with me. I have only talked to him on the phone an hour and a half total!! On three separate occasions. Augh I feel so cheap yet I want more!

    You people might think Mystie is joking. Trust me that girl is as serious as a heart attack. It’s rapin’ time!

  10. i was just coming here to say that mystie is dead serious, but i see it’s been covered. it was already funny but when i got to the kinko’s part i literally screamed a laugh.

    and tom selleck is the only man i forgive for the moustache. lots of men around here dont seem to realize that it’s not okay. they all went to high school in the early 1980’s though, so i guess it’s no worse than the women who still curl their bangs.

  11. Please define style for me. Cars? (like the ones driven by Starsky and Hutch); Clothes? (polyester blends were flammable… I’ve got a good story about that); Hair? (because ’85 had volume and Aqua Net); Music? (end of protest music and prior to disco).

    Kevin Costner is a huge douche bag.

  12. I too, spent many moons waiting for the moustache to grow back. And by moustache I mean eyelashes. They were ripped off in a horrible zombie incident several years ago and it took three months for them to grow back proper.

    She does look like a foot and how does Kevin Costner keep getting work?!

  13. P.S. Helpful hint. Notice you can click on the “greenmetropolis” up there to get to my page? Makes it easier for people to find/read you from your comments. Yours doesn’t do that right now, but if you want it to, just go to your wordpress profile page, and in the field for “website” type in your wordpress url. Took me months to figure that out. Yeah. I’m smrt.

  14. That’s a good idea. I’ll start today.

    Pammy: I’d say the orange and brown color scheme, movies, cars, hair, Steely Dan, and pretty much everything else.

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