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Everyone has their all time favorite movie scenes and I am no different. The other day I was in a deep discussion with a not-so-deep person. The subject of favorite movies came up and I sat there while she listed 27 Dresses, Pretty Woman, Titanic, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, ect… Some of those movies were not a surprise to me but when I listed mine she gave me a look that seemed to say, “that’s sad that you are a geek”. When I recognized the look I asked her what are her favorite scenes from the movies. To that, she didn’t know. All she knew was that the films were pleasing as a whole and that is as deep as she got. So I gave her a look that said, “oh, that is sad she is retarded”.

Loved by many as well as hated by many, the movie Clifford really went down as one of my favorites because of one particular scene. Martin Short plays Clifford, a mischievous 10 year old that is on a quest to go to Dino-World and in doing so, upends his uncle’s (Charles Grodin) life as he knows it. The scene that put this movie on the top ten list is when his uncle (Grodin) asks Clifford to look like a normal person for one minute. Martin Short’s attempt is one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life. I do this impression when ever I am asked to look at someone when they are talking. Please watch and enjoy. (Is it just me, or does Charles Grodin’s head look weird in that picture above?)

Twilight Zone The Movie caused me to lose my faith in cartoons. It was all because of the chapter about a boy with telekinetic powers who kept his family hostage and slave to his every want and need. That is until he lured a kind hearted woman to his home. The scene that propelled this movie to the 10 list is when his imagination took form in real, not CG, special effects that scared the shit out of me. Even today I get the willies when I see these things. This trumps any scary thing in my nightmares and the folks can thank a hike in their power bill from the hall light being left on thanks to the Twilight Zone.

The “Brownie Incident” in the movie The ‘Burbs will always be etched in my mind as being way too funny for the intended purpose. I have a hard time watching this in public because I wheeze when I see that scene. It can be embarrassing but more times than not, the laughter is contagious and it is cause to rewind and play over and over again. On another note, anything that I drop will always be followed by a “I dropped the goddamn (insert item here)!”

I love this movie. I always have and believe it or not I first saw it on a Catholic retreat weekend in the 80’s. I believe the first scene when Carolann has a conversation with the “TV people” was not only creepy but it was a subtle chill that I deem next to Godliness. Spielberg has a knack for that. He really is underrated, wouldn’t you agree? Plus, the Metro Goldwyn, Mayer lion will forever be the intro, in my mind, to the National Anthem.

Oh the classic! National Lampoon’s Vacation was the greatest film to me and my dad. I couldn’t find the exact clip but when Clark (Chevy Chase) returns from his trek through the desert, I must say, it went down in history as the quote of quotes. “Hey kids, ya’ thirsty?!?!?” Most people don;t find that scene as the pinnacle of the movie but boy I do. Here’s a compilation of one of my favorites and lately, one of TBS’s.

In case you are wondering this is the glorious soundtrack to the movie Iron Eagle. I can pick a few great scenes out but nothing compares to the testing range when Doug says, “Damn it Chappy, I’m doing it my way!” If you haven’t seen this flick you should. Only in the 80’s could there be a film about a kid who steals an Air Force jet from, I don’t know…California, fly to Iran in a few hours, bomb the bag of dicks back to the stone age, rescue the father, fly home and be rewarded by an appointment to the Air Force Academy.  Pure genius.

Definitely less fun than the other movies but still I had to include it. The Exorcist was one of those movies that I had seen from the safety of the banister rails when the folks thought I was safe in bed. Little did they know I was scarring myself for years. One of those scenes that did the job was Father Carras’s first dialog with the already possessed Reagan. I can’t tell you why, but I believe this is the scariest thing on American film.

I have a real tough time watching the beginning scene of Saving Private Ryan without shedding a tear. I can’t describe it and I don’t think there are words that could. Please watch.

I love this scene from the movie, There’s Something About Mary, because as many of you know, it’s personal. There are things that are far worse than stepping in dog poop and tracking it in the date’s house. It is hard to pick a scene that is the best from this movie. Every thing from warren’s flip out to the 7 minute abs scene I think this one was strictly by default. The only testicle shot to be seen in the theater that didn’t include bums and extra napkins.

Last but no least we come to the greatest cinema scene to me. This one is shared by many and I believe it to be some of the greatest acting in the world. If the shark wasn’t scary enough the audience gets chilled to the bone by Quint’s tales of how terrifying being eaten alive is. I have read the book and I believe Robert Shaw did it justice.

So that is the top 10. I bet next week it will change but for now, there you go.

Bonus! The worst scene!

Tim Cappello!

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