I’m Committed Now


So, I did it. I have signed up for my first triathlon in almost six years. Most people would do this after extensive training but if you are like me the only way to guarantee that race day will include my body in a Speedo means the paper work had to be turned in now. I’m not saying I am totally unprepared for this. I have been working out and even swimming for the past few months and I have worked the run back up to the 6-8 miles a day. The biking is a different story. First off I don’t own a bike. Mere details my friends. Mere details.

I didn’t decide that training for a triathlon is an attempt to have resolve for 2008 or even a motivational goal to keep Gatorade in and Michelob out but really I am so sick of saying “someday”. 2008 is the year of the now and damn it, there is no tomorrow. I will keep people abreast of the training status and I am sure that race day will be reminiscent of my Special Olympics story, but now it is going to happen.

As for the biking goes, I think my skills are much like this kids but I still have time for improvements. I need to find a kick ass helmet and goofy sponsors. What’s the worst that could happen?

11 thoughts on “I’m Committed Now

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  1. Awesome, Billy! I have to set goals too or I never get around to anything. We’re looking forward to Speedo pics … for the sole purpose of being supportive, of course.

    Ahhh, what America’s Funniest Home Videos was built on … people falling, getting nailed in the crotch, and/or something falling on their heads. Made me laugh out loud.

  2. Jodi! Love you too!

    Kristiane, it’s a 1 mile swim, 30k bike ride and a 10k run. Not so bad but anything could happen. Especially on a Schwin. 🙂

  3. Oh my god- a MILE OF SWIMMING?
    I can’t even swim across a swimming pool.
    Good on you mang- can’t wait to see how this turns out.
    And while I’m sure you’ll do just fine, it’s won’t be like the Special Olympics.
    As in, you don’t have to worry about getting put in a headlock by some man-child with the strength of a gorilla.
    It’s all you!

    As for the bike.
    How is that gonna work?
    I mean… do they GIVE you one, or do you have to use your own?
    When’s the last time you RODE a bike?
    I need two hands to count the years since I’ve been on one.
    Me and Bikes- not good friends.

  4. Wow…I’m impressed! Good on you, dude. I know it will go well…now if we can just get some pics of you riding the bike IN the speedo…

    Just kidding! I’ll be sending out my cyber cheer on race day: “Go Veggie, GO!”

  5. didnt know how to just email you…so i picked the first one to put a msg on. this is quite the veggie tales site you got going here…didt know what i was getting into w that napkin you gave me. ac looked like fun. my best friend just got engaged too actually but i dont get to be in the wedding like you. see you at the tavern.

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