Live Every Week Like It Is Shark Week

 isher       Shark Week 2007 kicked off this morning and I have been glued to the TV, not really learning anything new, but still jazzed to see great whites eating seagulls. I have been in love with sharks ever since I can remember so this week has given me reason to drop all responsibility after 6 pm.

Having had my own shark experience a few years ago while surfing off the South Carolina shore I thought my kinship with sharks would grow over time but in all actuality, it did not. They still terrify me. The very thought that you could be swimming and have a 20 foot great white under you sends chills all over my body. Living less than five minutes from the ocean I spend a lot of time swimming and every so often I get the feeling that something knows I’m there. Creepy.

Make sure you watch this week! I also can’t believe Shark Week is 20 years old. We didn’t have cable until I was 13 so to me it is 16 years old. That’s how I justify age in my life; when did I know about it.

Speak to me, Egor.

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