You May Have Noticed…

You may have noticed that I shut down my Flash site, Veggiemacabre.TV . The reason behind that is it wasn’t doing me any favors. One, people could never see it on tablets or phones and this day in age, that is 60% of viewership. Or at least that is what a general study says. Two, having a Flash site with music and animations is neat for first time viewers but annoying for second timers. Sure, during Thanksgiving and Christmas it’s nice to hear Hark the Herald from the Peanut’s gang but for the rest of the year, the theme to Airwolf can grate.

So, I am sticking to the WordPress page for now until I can get a medium that suits my need. A good friend of mine says “people have the patience of fire”, and I could not agree more so I need to find a house that is  nice and keeps my guests entertained for hours.

Until then, please read and look back in time from Halloweens past. Also, give love to friends from the link column.

A new “Spooky in NC” airs tonight!

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  1. Will! I’ve always preferred the blog over the .TV component (but never said as much!). Whenever I’d link you on RtW, etc. I’d always direct people here. The .TV was busier than Super Mario at a spaghetti eating contest. I love what you do, man. Keep it up!

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