Showbiz eBay Buy and a Creepy Phone

Today I present to you a video that highlights two items that are strangely one hundred percent me. It’s neither something I am proud of or embarrassed by but I will say, if it defines me as weird, so be it. I am never the type to swim with the mainstream. I do like to win, however, and that leads me to the first item that I “won” on eBay.


Back in the early 1980’s, Showbiz Pizza Place was a one of my childhood hangouts. (Whenever I was able to talk the parental units into taking me.) But back then there was more of an incentive for adults to subject themselves to screaming kids and animatronic¬†bears and that was because of beautiful beautiful beer. Yes, back then the parents could kick back a few cold ones and let the rug-rats loose. It was a great time in America and for $50.00, I am now the proud owner of one of the original beer mugs. And I have already put it back in operation.

Also I am now the proud owner of a phone that has been taking calls for more than forty years in a morgue. That’s right, a good friend of mine who is in the telecommunication business helped renovate a hospital and was kind enough to give me a piece of macabre history. Don’t judge me!

One more thing, every Sunday I get about 300 to 500 Google hits looking for Jason Presson. WHAT DOES IT MEAN???


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  1. I’ve spent a little bit of time today catching up on VM and I love the developments. The office is coming along and I’m seriously digging the wall of weird there.

    Great scores on the phone and the mug. Showbiz used to be a favorite of mine too, but I’ve only been a handful of times, and admittedly, all of those times, I was kind of scared of the band. They still creep me out.

    I love the “electronic games” in the commercial there. Top of the line graphics we had back then, weren’t they?. The last time I went to a Chuck-E-Cheez was a few years ago for a little cousin’s birthday party and the pizza was terrible. I somehow remember it being much better back then, but that could just be the lens of nostalgia talking. I can still nail the bank shot on skeeball though. I actually don’t remember parents being able to drink at the bar back in the day, but that does sound like it would have made the whole thing bearable.

    I miss the days when everyone wasn’t so fucking terrified of every little thing. I think we for the most part turned out fine, despite growing up on a steady diet of gluten, Pepsi and metal playground equipment. Kids today just need to nut up.

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