Nosferatu Beer…I Am Serious

Oh boy oh boy, was this video a pain in the ass to post. I am an unabashed amature when it comes to these vlogs even though this will be year three that I am doing this. You would think they would get better. I am working on that so stay tuned-getting help.

So, yeah…the good people at Great Lakes Brewing Company have a red ale beer that is mascot-ed by the 1920’s nightmare, Nosferatu. This says “HALLOWEEN” like I would say “FRANKS AND BEANS” because you can’t be more subtle. And, as you will see, beside the reddish tone, it has bite! *ba-doom tis* It is an absolutely perfect biting vampire beer.


Also, you will see a quick shout-out to Dan of and an awesome print I bought. These sites are great and I encourage you to check them out. And buy some stuff too! You always get bonus gifts!

Enjoy the video!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! If you’re ever up this way, you should try my favorite seasonal beer; PumpkinheD ale by Shipyard Brewing Co. Up here in Portland, Maine!

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