The 2010 Annual Fall Beer Review 2

Mike and I are back, talking about beer. (Shocker!) This time we are discussing another Pumpkin Ale and it had a bit of a surprise for us both. Judging from the amount of hits, comments and emails, our last review went better than I had anticipated. So this time we included a little skit. See if you know the movie.

Thanks for watching these. It’s nice to take a Saturday, drink beer and feel like you are being productive and creative. Or acting like a 13-year-old with mom’s video camera. Which ever. The next one will come later on this week with more beers and the much-anticipated Sierra Nevada “Tumbler”. Be excited. And if you’re not….lie to me.

(I still say “um” like 900 times. My college Public Speaking 101 professor is shitting twice and dying right now.)


18 thoughts on “The 2010 Annual Fall Beer Review 2

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  1. Cool!! I honestly couldn’t pay attention that well to what you said so saying ummm a million times didn’t bother me. I’m just not used to seeing you in videos yet. If you don’t like drinking pumpkin ale so much why did you decide to do fall beer reviews in the first place? lol. Oh yeah and Pumpkin Cheesecake is the bomb and screw everybody that disagrees with me.

  2. awesome stuff again, Will.. – dig the opening.. – i thought i was the only person who jumped with Mario! – i’ve always been a novice drinker at the very best, and that wasn’t until I met my wife, but every time I watch one of these it definitely gives me that craving.. – looking forward to the finale and watching these “vlogs” continue to evolve.. – you need to rock a Christmas sweater if you do any in Dec.!

  3. Since fall is upon us, I’ve been all about the Pumpkin Ale but you make a good point that it’s really not good for binge drinking. That said, it is possible to drink enough of them to get blitzed and yell off someone’s back deck about how badly you want them to party with you IF you have the perseverance.

  4. Excellent choice in opening song! Thanks for the shout-out too. Appreciate it!

    I wonder if I can find this stuff down here. I doubt it. I’ve looked for some of the beers you’ve reviewed in the past and they pretty much don’t exist down here. I think video reviews are the way to go from here on out though. I think you definitely started something good.

    1. Of course! I love your show and I love how we can incorporate creativity together. Very cool! Hopefully you’ll get a few more listeners.


    I learned nothing about beer in this. I think you were talking about a pumpkin one? Whatever.

    Instead I was TOTALLY OBSESSED with talking/moving picture Will! I mean I LOVE your American accent!! I know you’re probably wondering what the hell I’m talking about since I’m North American too, but as a Canadian it’s pretty much amazing to hear your super-American accent, hahaha 😉

    Also, I LOVED that you were playing Super Mario World on your SNES!! 😉


    Hahaha…clearly I could not focus on the true intent of this clip. Sorry 😉

    1. I have an accent? Shut the front door! Really? Hmmm.

      Now you have to do one. Or I’ll come visit and see for myself your Canadian accent. ; )

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