My Yoda Question

What is Yoda? I am not a die-hard Star Wars geek so I am sure this could be answered with as little effort as Wookiepidia or asking the question aloud in the general direction of this guy:

Now before you jump all over me for being mean or guilty of stereotyping, I did hear a lightsaber go off behind me and it was either his computer or the 90 pound old lady reading Pride and prejudice and drinking her cup of tea with as much tribulation as Rep. Barney Frank has pronouncing “sea salt”. If it was her, I give up on life as I know it and will try to fly tonight.

Anyway, back to my question. What is Yoda and in this fictitious galaxy, are there more Yodas? Obviously, being a Jedi means he is a special breed so one can deduce that there are normal Yodas, right? And that would make for some pretty lame creatures if you ask me.

Yoda's taller brother, Leo.

I like to think that Yoda was the one who had a gift for the Force but his other faux pas kept him from being fully accepted by his peers. You know, like severe dyslexia and having the voice of an asshole. I really believe the only option a guy like that had was Jedi camp.

To get my question answered quickly, I will tag only nerd attracting phrases and words. These are guaranteed to get some site hits from those who would know. But if you do, please, lemme know! Or make up your own story because trust me, I would believe you.


19 thoughts on “My Yoda Question

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  1. I happen to be a huge Star Wars nerd, and unless things have changed since I last checked, Yoda’s species is officially listed as “unknown”. I don’t think there have been any canonized accounts of his history, either. He’s just a mystery man-thing-muppet.

  2. Yeah I gotta go with Annette, I’m a SW geek and I don’t know what Yoda is either. What’s funny though, if you pay attention in Episode 1 there’s a female Yoda on the Jedi council (named Yaddle I believe). Why the two of them didn’t get together and make a bunch of little Yodas (or Leos for that matter) is beyond me.

    1. Yaddle? That’s hysterical! I wish they could have continued the species with “Y” names like Yobert or Yadrick. Oh the possibilities!

  3. Highly odd that Yoda is an Intergalactic Muppet of Mystery, considering the literal 30+ years of fanon and expanded universe. SOMEONE should have clearly theorized Yoda’s species, let alone his backstory by now!

    Speaking of tags, I’m pretty sure “Wookieed” has 2 E’s.

  4. This is beyond awesome, Will! I wish I would have thought of it.

    I totally want to know what the guy who finds you via “Princess Leiea doing jumping jacks” has to say, almost as much as I don’t want to know what Cleaveland Steamer incident guy has to say!

    1. That’s how you spell Cleavland. Another wasted tag.

      And I am afraid of someone finding my site that way too. But jumping jacks? I am curious.

  5. Sorry Will. Yoda likes to hijack my wordpress account. He is kind of a dick like that. Don’t worry I put him in a dryer with a brick in it.

    Here is the video….

    He won’t bother you no more.

  6. Yoda is what happens when a good Mogwai like Gizmo naturally goes through the cocoon stage to Gremlin, rather than the evil express way that leads to naughty gremlins. Sort of like puberty. Yoda is just a gremlin whose balls dropped.

  7. “Princess Leia doing jumping jacks”!!! I love that. I need a t-shirt of that or at least a screen saver.

    I think Yoda is part pug. I have a pug and I swear he looks just like Yoda sometimes. Just saying.

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