Everything But…

So I had some bad news after completing last weeks race. It turns out I ran the race on a broken heel and further aggravated my injury causing a calcaneus fracture. It sucks and now I have to train for my 100 mile Xterra race that is in a month by doing everything except running. So I have turned to my long time fitness mentor, prior Navy SEAL Lt. Stew Smith for advice on not being an idiot. And what do you think a SEAL would suggest? Of course….swimming.

This past week I have done everything except running to include spinning, biking, swimming, cross training, heavy low set weights and hypoxic walking (walking while holding your breath and controlling heart beats). I will tell you, all this fails in comparison to running. Perhaps I am bias, but there is nothing that will torture, challenge and push one’s mind to the brink like long distance running. And maybe that’s because I am not a talented runner and a bit weak-minded but to me, it’s on the running trail that I know who I am.

So if you see a guy walking around in a “Japanese Jumpboot” holding his breath or in the pool practicing 50 meter underwater drills, it might be me. Wave but keep your distance. I have a tendency to throw up while doing hypoxic training.

See? Weak minded.

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