It’s Christmas Time Already?

What? When did this happen? I am not going to say that I don’t like it, but what happened to, well, the year? I suppose there is no use in being upset by a year that when from zero to “Ba-Zing” so…let’s start the holiday off with a bang!

If the above image is confusing to you, then I guess you don’t have in your life, and I am sad for you. Like a broken record, every year at the same time, I shout from the mountain tops to check out Matt’s famous site of all things great. So this year is no different. Make a point to click the link and take a fun trip, whether it is the blog or the wacky antics in the advent calender, I promise you’ll feel colors. Red and Green colors.

For the first official day of the 2009 Christmas season, I believe I will discuss the greatest memories I have and that is the countless hours spent browsing the Sears catalog, making a “wish list” and checking twice. Or three hundred times. Ok, five hundred. Whatever. Combing my memory, here are some great toys that even today, I wouldn’t mind having.

The USS FLAGG was the greatest toy a boy could have. It was like a toy for your toys. That didn’t make any sense, I know, but go with me here. It was so massive it required a permanent portion of a room. I had fantasies about this thing. I dreamed of being the kid that truly had the best gift every kid wanted and the massive amounts superficial friends I would acquire because of it. I dreamed of eating cheeseburgers on the deck while watching Thundercats. I dreamed of reenacting the opening scene of  Top Gun while humming the theme song. A kid can dream, can’t he? But sadly enough, it was a dream. Never had the damn thing.

Holy shit did I have a few of these. I think this was the present that all my relatives bought for me when I was six. It was as if everyone got a memo for that Christmas stating my aspirations to build a fleet for the Rebel Alliance. What ever the case, if you needed a Kenner X-Wing; I was your guy. The one thing I hated about this toy was the laser sound. It made a noise that would turn a cat inside out and explode. What ever that noise was, it was not a laser sound. Watch this below and see what I am talking about. “REEEEE”

Speaking of lasers, remember this awesomeness of awesome? The Hasbro Lazer Tag set was one of my most treasured Christmas gifts and even though I never found a kid in the neighborhood who had a set to compete with, I did enjoy shooting myself with the help of the bathroom mirror. The only thing I didn’t like about this was the noisy heartbeat sounds on the monitor. Made sneaking around pretty much impossible.

When I was searching for the perfect Transformer picture to rant and rave for the “must have” toy of the mid to late 80’s, I came upon this. Megatron. In an instant I was whisked off the couch back to 1987, sitting in my PJ’s on the blue carpeted den in Marietta, Georgia on Christmas morning. On my lap was this glorious purple box. When I took it out of the static clinging styrofoam I immediately began to “transform” the Rugger pistol into the nemesis of Optimus Prime, ignoring the pleads of my father not to force it. But before I knew it, I forced it, and hyper-extended it. I broke off the leg of Megatron. Though the disappointment was apparent, I still managed to enjoy it for what it was. God, I can still smell the pine, scotch tape and new plastic. Some nostalgia can rival any of Einstein’s greatest theories.

Pow Pow Power Wheels! Much like the dream of owning the USS Flagg, another pipe dream of mine was owning a set of Power Wheels. I had plenty of first grade daydreams of driving my Power Wheel Jeep to the store for my Mom or picking up my pal Toby and cruising to Showbiz Pizza and catching a Rock-A-Fire Explosion animatronic show. But it was not in the stars. But the next year I did car jack the neighbors daughter and take her Barbie Jeep around the block. That is until Mom found out and a foot chase issued. Turns out Power Wheels were a lot faster in my dreams. I was escorted by the elbow to a cell without dinner.

The WWF Wrestling Buddies were a big item for my friends and me. What toy could be better than an Ultimate Warrior a 75 pound kid can body slam? In fact, this pillow character above is directly responsible for a dislocated shoulder. I will just say the couch is not a platform for a pile driver. It’s embarrassing to admit losing a match to a half pound pillow. Even if it was this dude:

Yeah, would you mess with this guy? I didn’t think so.

Perhaps it was for a lack of siblings but I really wanted a bear that could read me bedtime stories and have conversations about Star Wars. This was the one time it was sociably acceptable to have a teddy bear as a boy. We all knew Christopher Robin was a pansy. But going through my old photos from my time home for Thanksgiving I found a troubling picture.

Ah shit. No wonder. I will leave it at that. No wonder.

Nothing will fuck a vacuum up like a Lite Brite peg. I know this from experience. But really, I have received this a couple of different times during Christmas and even though I understood the concept, I never made anything more than an illuminated Jackson Pullock. Seriously, if Lite Brite was an intelligence test, I would have scored somewhere between “cat with paintbrush in mouth” and “chimp with paint on it’s ass”. Meh, this was a shit gift.

No, I have never owned a Strawberry Shortcake doll but I have tried to eat one. Like you haven’t at least thought about it. But I can attest, it just tastes like plastic.

I believe this is a good way to wrap up this old Christmas-want article. The one, the only Castle Greyskull. Even my Grandmother knows what Castle Greyskull is. This magnificent play set was a Masters of the Universe staple in every snotty kid’s room. I was shit, I admit. I even had Skeletor’s Castle. In fact, there are fond memories of saying “boner” over the Doom microphone. I suppose you have to be eight to see the humor. I still cackle when I hear “boner”.

I hope some of my memories have brought up a few of yours. I know I can’t be alone in my head toy chest. Tis the season to be happy and these memories make me smile no matter where or when. Let’s kick off the X-Mas fun starting….right…….NOW!

25 thoughts on “It’s Christmas Time Already?

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  1. Dude, is that Pennywise on the Lite Brite box?!

    I’ve probably had a few night in bed with my Teddy Ruxpin. The ultimate Christmas gift for the only child.

    WWF Wrestling Buddies! I remember them, but I don’t think I had one.

  2. Love that the IT clown is on the Lite Bright! I still remember the song: “Lite Bright Lite Bright Turn on the Magical colored lights!” Or something like that.

    I had 2 brothers, and one had Castle Grayskull and one had Snake Mountain.

    I still wish I had a glowworm.

    Nice to have you back!!!

    1. It’s good to be back! I have been really neglecting the blog because of my upside down life right now. Jobs, school, cat’s allergies, neck injury at the gym, family. Goodness, listen to me trail off.

      I need to catch up with your world. Give me a bit and I will. 😉

  3. I successfully ate Strawberry Shortcake, but that was in Vegas.

    I had the same bedsheets, same pillow-case as well. I had lazer tag too! It was awesome! Very good post! Thanks for the memories.

  4. Doooood, I have NO IDEA where this year went. It’s getting kind of freaky in that ‘Ahhh! Get me out of this mind numbing job before i wake up to find out i’m forty and have a mortgage and no recollection of where my life went!!!!’ kind of way. But for now I’ll settle for a lite-brite, those things were eighteen kinds of awesome 😛 I always asked for Ninja Turtles, and somehow always ended up with one of the bad guys instead…

    1. I was thinking about including the Turtles but I missed the age cut off by a year to really enjoy them the way they should be. Still love the first movie though.

  5. No, I have never owned a Strawberry Shortcake doll but I have tried to eat one. Like you haven’t at least thought about it. But I can attest, it just tastes like plastic.

    I had a Strawberry Shortcake figurine that had a huge head and a prickly, plastic thorn that stuck out of it. I remember wanting to eat it because it smelled so good.

  6. Looking at your pic of you in the bed I had a total flashback to owning that computer toy that’s on your nightstand. At least I think that’s what that black and gray thing is. For the life of me I can’t remember what it was or what it did but I had one and loved it. I think when you turned it on it had a robotic voice saying hello. Unless that’s a gigantic alarm clock. Then nevermind.

  7. I’m not on your blogroll anymore? I was going to write a long nonsensical comment about toys but the spark is kinda sucked out of me now 😦

  8. No way is Lite Brite a sh*t gift. I loved those things, though I always ran out of the pattern sheets and ended up using random sheets of construction people and never stabbed the right place so it was more like battleship with hits and misses…and if you think lite brite pegs will do a number on a vacuum (sp?), you should see what they do to a dog’s intestines…same goes for battle ship pegs. Sorry Buffy.

  9. ”AH..Christmastime!.The perfect time of the holiday season,when EVERY good boy and girl knows EXACTELY! what they have on top of their wishlist. Back in 1986 ,this was mine…..The 1986 COBRA NIGHT RAVEN S3P BLACK V.I.P. JET TRANSPORT PLANE”. Imagine the pure joy and exciting look,on ANY boy’s face , when this 3 Foot long black beauty is unwrapped on Christmas morning”!

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