Road Trip

Well, I went into the office this morning. I’s Saturday but I had a good reason. Anyway, the boss came in and asked if I could go with him on a road trip to LA and an overnight in Vegas to pick up a hot rod car shell he collects. And I said sure.

So, I hope to make it back alive but expect great blog worth material on the 30+ hour car trip. I gotta go take my protien pills and put my helmet on. See ya in a few days and expect some better blog stuff.

6 thoughts on “Road Trip

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  1. Don’t be yellus.

    he IS going with his boss.
    So… he’s gonna have to be on halfway decent behavior.

  2. Yeah, 30 hour car trip+boss in same car=possible hell. I don’t think it matters how “awesome” the boss is. But who knows. If anyone can make a trip out of it it’s our boy Will.

  3. When I say “Please don’t take a lot of fun pills and end up pissing off several people with way more dangerous monetary connections than you and end up with a tiger in your bathroom” just bear in mind that I saw ‘The Hangover’ recently 😉

    I hope the car trip goes well and that you have a good mix tape put together!

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