Learned Something

Did you know those plastic thingies on the end of your shoelaces are called aglets? I didn’t but now I do.

Thanks shoe dude at Sports Authority. I am now a richer person for knowing this.


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  1. One time a guy selling me shoes asked if I thought he should have a vasectomy. Why don’t shoe people say normal shoe things to me? Why must they be weird?

    1. It was? Wow, I guess this little fact is a legit piece of information after all. Did yo get it from reading this or did you already know it?

  2. The bigger question is, are the shoe laces pictured above the actual ones you were buying? Because if that’s the case, you’ve got a lot more writing to do. I think you’re leaving out a few key details here.

      1. ps. I went to a casino party last weekend and made reference to the term “neckerchiefs and gold bracelets” on three seperate occasions.

        FYI, it was a real hit the first two times…the third time they called me a joke-killer.

      2. I’m glad you dropped “neckerchiefs and gold bracelets” reference. I’m honoured. Honored. Whatever.

    1. I have two pairs of fat shoelaces, one with spiderwebs and one with skullies. You kin have one.
      I don’t need eitehr right now, but I’m waiting for the day when I get new shoes and will just go “THESE LACES I’VE BEEN HANGING ON TO FOR THREE YEARS NOW HAVE A USE!”

      what?! they were gifts!

      my family gave me shoelaces as christmas gifts.
      Either I am really easy or really hard to shop for.

      I imagine it’s the latter.

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