Oh Wow

The is something to be said for being stupid. I think in Northern Idaho/Eastern Washington it runs rampant. Everywhere I turn I see or hear something that hurts my ass. My ass hurts! Living most of my life in the southeast I have had my fair share of crazy rebel rhetoric and it wasn’t until I moved here did I actually meet people who believe the South shall rise again. They do know they are a football toss away from Canada, don’t they?

Anyway, let me show you another fine example of creativity gone the way of the Dodo.

IMG_0652No fucking way! How on earth did these people do this? I mean, in order to open a bar there are a few people that need to be involved like the bank, the state, contractors, staff, restaurant supply sales, ect. And with all those involved you mean to tell me there wasn’t one who spoke up and said, “ejaculation is in the name of your bar”.

IMG_0653Even Budweiser was none the wiser. I hope the sign printing shop double checked. Well, I don’t think they did because they are missing an “N”.

You see what I mean? I don’t mean to be dick but come on, would things like this fly where you are? I didn’t think so.

IMG_0651At least I can buy maggots if I need some.

I’ve been working on some other posts. Much less bitchy.

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  1. Ahh, Spokane. We used to drive there on weekends in high school, when I lived in North Central WA… until I realized the extra two hour drive the opposite way to Seattle was a million times more rewarding.

  2. Sometimes I wonder if people really truly believe or grasp what it means when they say the south shall rise again. I sort of hope they don’t. That way they’re ignorant but relatively harmless as opposed to ignorant extremists. As for the rest, I dunno. Like you said, at least you can buy some maggots. That’s gotta come in handy sometime…right?

  3. Baby making batter Tavern. I like it.

    This blog is turning into the poor man’s failblog.org. That isn’t a bad thing. I wouldn’t trust the food or beverages in that tavern though they might keep to their promise in what is in the food.

  4. Eastern Washington, joy of joys.

    Rudy has family in Moses Lake- and I love his family.
    They’s so cordial and polite.
    And while I’m not fond of how everything is spread out, I love visiting the country- shootin’ pop cans, fried egg sammiches and jojos, and gas stations that sell swords and ammo.

    But dear god, the locals stare at us “Cal-ee-forn-yuns” like we got horns or somethin’.

  5. haha isn’t eastern washington great? there are so many things to enjoy, who knew any part of washington could ever be so “hick” like? I certainly didn’t as an olympia resident most of my life, I figured eastern washington would be comparable. No my friend, it’s like you stepped back in time 30 years.

  6. I actually know a guy at Budweiser, he said the sign wasn’t missing an “N”, they were just explaining the reason the tavern was opening soon, and not already open.
    Yeah, it didn’t make sense to me, either, seeing as better-known establishments (eg. Hooters) wouldn’t care, but whatev…

    …different strokes for different folks, I guess.

  7. Can’t think of a better place to say that I saw this sign today:

    “Doggy Style Deli”

    That is all.

  8. Don’t think it’s totally “Hicksville” I think it’s quite progressive for a gay bar to even EXIST in the Spokane valley. Granted, the “Cum Inn” is far from a subtle name…

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