I know, I’m a bad blogger but I have an excuse. Actually I don’t. Life has just been crazy here and it seems every time I look around to see what is happening another month has gone by. What is now, May? To me it is like March 83rd. So I will take this time to bitch about Idaho and Spokane and know you can’t wait to here about it.

DSCN0458I took the long way to work this morning and drove around the scenic part of my mountain. That’s right, it’s my mountain now. No one else is aware that they are living on Mt. Will but they are. Anyway, I nearly drove off the side when I passed this sign. Why would you advertise something for free and insult it? Curiosity is killing me and if I wasn’t absolutely positive that these people would kill and eat me in the name of Zworn the Overlord, I would bite. I’m really thinking of submitting this to Failblog.org.

DSCN0459I went for a loooooong hike the other day and just when I thought I was far from the reaches of humanity, I found this. Are you serious? There is no way for me to wrap my head around seeing a graffiti-ed rock miles away from any home or road. And Bart Simpson? So that means the artist had to hike at least 5 miles into the woods with spray paint. What a rebel. But then again it could be a Shawshank like clue to buried money. “Follow due north until you get to Bart Simpson. He’ll tell you what to do from there.”

DSCN0437I will admit that living in the Northwest during the Spring time is beautiful. It’s too bad my photography skills aren’t worthy enough to do it justice. This is West Glacier in Montana and I am still blown away that I can say, “I’m going to Montana for the day”. Or Canada for that matter! Here are some shots I took.

DSCN0423IMG_0563Meh, you get the gist. It was kind of funny but 90% of the park is still under many feet of snow. In order to get any hiking trails you have to walk on a paved road for almost 3 miles with dense forest on either side. It’s hard to explain but it had a real sense of purgatory. No scenery and a straight road. I have to admit it was very eerie after about a mile with no sounds, no people and only trees, road and sky in any direction. Perfect time for a bear.

So, I will be posting another post today. This time more on the VeggieMacabre style like I used to write. You know, shit like this…

psychoduckdl3Well I thought it was funny.

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  1. If you make it to Canada, I will buy the beer. It will be Canadian beer, and thus, will probably knock you on your American butt, and I will gladly pay for it.

    And for the love of god, PLEASE get a freedumb tatoo, just so I can see what it is?

  2. duckie duckie!

    That bart is way surreal. I would totally have posed next to it and taken a pic -of course, I hike with Rudy so someone always holds the camera.

    And that road you talk of?
    I hiked down one of thsoe recently.
    I told myself- it’s a paved road, how can I get lost?
    But it’s not about that, it’s about being ALONE that comes crashing down…
    and that makes ME feel lost, personally.
    Even Cash was getting kind of sketchy about an hour down the road- looking over his shoulder all like “Are you serious? THERE’S NOTHING HERE! Let’s just turn back…”

    1. I can see Cash doing that. He looks like he has great expressions.

      The Bart rock is strange. I wonder if I can find it again? It’s way off the trail.

  3. kitty kitty!

    I have to comment on teh Bart as well. Mainly because in an area that has snow I would think that should have washed off or at least faded over time. It hasn’t and that means there are people in the world who still feel the ultimate in rebellion is Bart Simpson graffiti. It’s like 1989 all over again, except last time I was 13…

    1. I wonder how long it’s been there. It really looks like a 1991 style Bart. Then again, I am in Idaho and they still smoke in the grocery stores.

  4. You took some great pictures! On Saturday I took about 5 pictures of a rest stop on the way to Portland and it was very beautiful. It makes me proud to say I was born in Oregon. The trees and scenery are just stunning! There were some guys out on speed boats and fishing boats and my best friend and I were so jealous of their fun. We have to do that someday.

      1. Yes. And you should come visit me finally and hang around my couch until I awkwardly ask you when you are leaving.

  5. I keep expecting that duck to say “AFLAC!”

    And I call FAIL on not including an “El Barto” tag on that awesome graffitti unless it WAS made sometime in the early 90’s, before the name started to appear in the series. The style, and the fact that Bart still says “(Action), Man!” simply suggests 1-3rd season.

    1. Strictly because of your Simpsons prowess in this post, I have a little crush on you now. That is just automatic. So bravo.

      1. Awesome. 🙂 That little tidbit it simply the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Simpsons knowledge for me. You can find my main blog “Beaming for Bunnies” on the blogroll here, and the latest post is on Simpsons Scene It and the other board games the show’s been adapted into.

    2. Awesome. They really should make a Simpsons Scene it game. From what I remember there are Simpsons clips in the tv version of Scene it. I have two versions of the Simpsons Trivia game. You know the ones in tins shaped as their heads.

  6. Those crashing rivers are stunning and even when they have tapered down in late summer they are still cold as f–k and I like to stick my feet in them until they hurt with cold… Don’t know why and don’t get the chance to do it as often as I would like. That kind of solitude is always powerful but I can’t say I’ve experienced it much as a grown-up — more the kind where you are boxed in by people everywhere and feel totally alone and vulnerable anyway…

    Mystery Mountain Bart will stay with me always. May his finger be pulled in perpetuity.

    And that duck cracked me and my near-4 year-old right up. (For slightly different reasons of course but there it is…)

    1. I love getting my feet frozen when it’s 90 degrees out.

      I love your comments. It makes me feel like really intelligent people read my blog for content and in turn makes me look smarter. And then I come-to and remember I have gif. duck above.

  7. hehe I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Pullman, but there is this stretch of like two miles with high rock walls on either side of the road and people are always puttting graffiti on them. Things like “ADP is the best!” to rep all the frats/soroties. Well on the way home I noticed they added a sign right in front of the rocks that said “please don’t paint the rocks” and it was all official washingtonian green sign-like. I couldn’t help but laugh because right behind the sign was a flurry of spray paint. I should’ve took a photo.

  8. Shawshank. Loved it…especially the part when they’re listening to the opera albums.

    Neat pictures! I miss that kind of scenery from when I visit my aunt in WA. Nothing like that in my neck of the woods. Flat, flat, flat.

    1. I get so sad when I think of the old guy who hangs himself in that movie because he couldn’t assimilate.

      Your pictures from your hikes are amazing. Especially the albino deer.

      1. Link my huh? What is that?

        And I have a reader! Awesome! Surely cause for celebration! Poppin open a 40 as i type this.

  9. Thanks to your blog, I now have a tattoo of the Tazmanian Devil covering my entire left shoulder. And I didn’t pay a cent!

    Let me know if you see any rocks quoting the little guy from Fantasy Island…now he was a genuis…

  10. Is that supposed to be a smart-ass spelling of “Freedom Tattoo” (which would at least make a lick of sense)? I don’t know man. Kind of reminds me of a movie called “That thing you do” (or at least I think that’s what it was called, it may have had Tom Hanks and Liv Tyler…either way it was kind of a chick flick, which means I didn’t pick it and only paid 5% attention). Anyways, this band in the movie was called the Oneders. And of course everyone says “Oh-knee-ders” because who would think to say ‘Wonders”?

    Oh, and congrats on getting your own mountain. I would think that would take about a month, yes. Right on schedule Will. And that duck is terrifying.

  11. Dear friend of DJ D,

    You have been sent an official invitation. Please dress formally and get ready to have your picture taken on the black carpet.

    Good luck and congratulations on your nomination!
    Best regards,

    The Award Committee.

  12. Dear friend of DJ D,

    You have been sent an official invitation. Please dress formally and get ready to have your picture taken on the black carpet.

    Good luck and congratulations on your nomination!
    Best regards,

    The Award Committee.

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