Flu…I hate u

I’m home sick today. I was at work and sneezed causing a weird achy feeling from my chest to my toes. Two hours later I was laid out with a 102 degree temp wanting sweet relief of death to take me from my misery. He still hasn’t come.
So I am taking this time to whine because I am a big baby when I get sick. I require head rubs and someone to sit with me while I watch The ‘Burbs. I hate being a lone, subjecting myself to daytime TV and drinking forty cups of tea because it is the only sense of relief.
I watched St. Anger which is a documentary of Metallica’s crappiest album. Now my fever has increased listening to James Hetfield bitch about his feelings. I’m sorry James. I’m sorry you get to play guitar in a hard rock/metal band and make millions of dollars. That totally sucks. I think you should kill yourself. I would.

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  1. as much as i would love to be there with you, mapquest says it is 2368.41 miles from NC to ID, and that’s not even counting the fact that i’m on the non-hippie side of NC, so. . .but isn’t great how while Sir Hetfield was imposing band practice restrictions and crying about hunting buffalo in Iceland instead of attending his kid’s b-day party, the camera kept cutting to these random shots of Kirk Hammett being a total Zen Master in some field wherever? that was great. p.s.: the dude that teaches the Study of Human Anatomy in Art class here at the Carrboro ArtsCenter, where i work, is a dead ringer for Henry Gibson. PLUS he teaches the class using fake skulls and FEMURS. i totally think about you every Tuesday at 7pm. xo.

  2. I would love to watch the telly with you as I nurse you back to health!…awww….precious! 🙂 Hahaha….hope you feel better very soon, ’cause hallucinations come next 😉

  3. Awww, Josh is sick too! What is it, is the whole country sick? Feel better soon! Virtual bowls of chicken soup (or your other preferred flu-fighting salt-based food, ’cause that’s really the only important part.)

  4. Josh, DavisW, and now you! What the heck is happening to our menfolks around here?
    OK, I just posted this for Davis so I’m sending it to you, too. You need it.

    Awwww, poor baby!!! I say a hot toddy is in order.-

    Take the juice of half a lemon, 2 shots of whiskey, brandy, or what have you, a large spoonful of sugar , place in a large mug. Add hot water to fill. Stir and consume the liquid warmth right into your poor virus-ridden body.
    You’ll feel better in no time. Of course you won’t actually BE better, but you won’t care quite so much either.
    And watch this:

  5. Poor you… there was a plague going around here about a month or so ago, and I was swept up in it with a torrent of fevers, coughing, aching and a touch of barf, all by my lonesome. It’s definitely no fun. I found that a strong cough medicine with codeine helps tremendously.
    Feel better!

  6. Theraflu, man. That’s the only thing that ever helped me. Strong stuff, but it’ll clear those sinuses right out…And I’m sure all the other stuff that people mentioned is great too.

    So sorry to hear you’re sick. Yeah, St. Anger got on my nerves to no end. Poor guys. How ever will they get on with their lives? Millions of adoring fans, all the money in the world and they get payed to play metal. Some guys just can’t catch a break I guess…

    I still want to see them live though. I’m trying to forget St. Anger ever happened.

  7. Sorry you’re so sick! I think I actually prefer to be alone when I’ve got the flu. All I want is silence so I can sleep. Hope you start to feel better soon!!

  8. Awww I am so sorry about you being sick. Being sick though makes you appreciate your health more. I wish I could be your nurse. I would just wear my regular clothes but I would totally baby you. You wouldn’t need to move a muscle and you would wonder what you did to be so lucky. We are still talking about you having the flu lol. Sleep a ton and get to be the point where you can be tolerable.

  9. Ah, yes. The low point for me is always when I am jamming the back end of a fork up into the honey bottle to get it into my tea for the millionth time in a day while standing on legs that feel more like week-old chunky soup than appendages… I mean shouldn’t there be some sort of “honey bottle fairy” for that sort of thing? (Have Fairies specialized that much yet? It seems inevitable since they allowed one just for “teeth”…)

    I have been known to curl up on kitchen floors, shiver and weep.

    Enjoy the self-pity at least, Will. It is, thankfully, rare that decent and kind adults get to indulge in it with gusto (smile). (Wait you are decent and kind right?)

    I am genuinely sorry you are feeling lousy. Healing vibes your way my friend.

  10. I have only been alone while extremely sick one time, and I hope to God I never have to do it again. That was the most miserable two days of my life. So I sympathize. Get better soon, man.

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