Flu…I hate u

I’m home sick today. I was at work and sneezed causing a weird achy feeling from my chest to my toes. Two hours later I was laid out with a 102 degree temp wanting sweet relief of death to take me from my misery. He still hasn’t come.
So I am taking this time to whine because I am a big baby when I get sick. I require head rubs and someone to sit with me while I watch The ‘Burbs. I hate being a lone, subjecting myself to daytime TV and drinking forty cups of tea because it is the only sense of relief.
I watched St. Anger which is a documentary of Metallica’s crappiest album. Now my fever has increased listening to James Hetfield bitch about his feelings. I’m sorry James. I’m sorry you get to play guitar in a hard rock/metal band and make millions of dollars. That totally sucks. I think you should kill yourself. I would.

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