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  1. If you knew me well (which unfortunately you don’t) you would know that random humor is my favorite. This gets a thumbs up in my book.

    And that’s why we get each other.

  2. I comment and you never comment back to my comments!? You are fired Bill Will !! That is all!! 😉

    Yeah, but you get drunk text from time to time.

  3. Did you ever watch Friends? This made me laugh because of that. The episode that Monica was trying to make Chandler laugh and she put a turkey on her head and sunglasses on the turkey and shimmied. Funny stuff.

  4. That is true!! Touche! I did tell you about the new blog name… I commented so you would see it! That’s how I was letting you know! I thought it was quick, easy and clever!

  5. I find myself, for reasons passing understanding, thinking that there are many different jokes here if the bird on his head is a turkey or a very large, genetically modified chicken.

    Turkeys and chickens, as it were, having different symbolism and all.

    (I mean I know it is a turkey, but still… It’s just this sort of day around here…)

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