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Everybody has their spot. You know, the place where they go to be alone with their thoughts. Mine is at Nirvana Coffee. I have gotten a few emails asking me what inspires a lot of this streaming abstract and randomness that I post here on VeggieMacabre. Well, I’ll be honest with you, it’s the fact I tuck myself in a corner and stare off into space. So in essence, it all is derived from my head as I look at this. I hope that doesn’t scare those who asked but it is the truth. By the way, you can ask on the comment section. I won’t be mad at ya!

The people here are so wonderful. I get here after my morning swim at 5:00 and the sweet lady always gives me coffee on the house. I’ve become the morning regular and I hope that is not a sad thing. Sometimes the baker will swing by my table and drop off a cookie for me to try out. He likes to run them by me first before he puts them out for sale. I have to admit I’m not the critic he probably needs because unless there is coconut in them I will always pump his ego with a compliment followed by an exclamation mark. Seriously, free coffee and cookies? Is there anything better?

So this is what I look at to begin my day. Do you notice the facade of productivity I have created? To passer byers I look like I am on the cusp of greatness as I diligently type away but really I am snooping around your blogs, leaving my two cents on your comment section and writing about bees and Airwolf. If only they knew.

I do have busy days and more days than not I have to do the grown up stuff. I do cherish the times like this morning when I can watch the sun rise as I drink coffee, laugh reading about your lives, and have moments of inspiration from deep thoughts. But my deep thoughts aren’t crazy ones. I know I am not because crazy people don’t know they are. Now if only the corduroy bear would stop talking to me.

Oh, one more thing. It’s Laurie Kendrick’s birthday! Make sure you swing by and tell her Happy B-Day! She is just aces in my book.

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  1. Even when your pissed off your adorable! I just wanna pinch your cheeks. I see you have a slight shag goin on I like it!

    No offense to Laurie but you didn’t mention me on your blog for my birthday you bastard! Happy b-day anyway Laurie 😀

    This is going to sound weird to people that don’t “get it” which is probably all of you but if I have the time when I am going to the bathroom I kind of pause before I move on with my life. In this fast paced world it’s hard to just shut up, sit down, reflect, and soak in what life has given us.

    Also going to Super Wal mart at 3 in the morning to do some light shopping is nice. It’s quieter, less people to say “excuse me” to so they’ll get out of your way, the music is different (at least in our Super Wal mart) it’s a grunge rock type of music. Also the employees have a “i so would rather be doing something other then working” look on their face which I surprisingly like.

  2. So, uh, here’s a question….do you WORK? Cause I must say, if you’ve got a job that allows you to leisurely take your time at the local cofee stop before heading in to the office every day, then I need to start papering your HIring Manager’s office with my resume.

  3. Oh, the comfort of having a routine. I’m jealous. I try so hard to have them and then something throws a wrench in the works and my routine gets all blown to smithereens.

    BTW- Nice to see yer hair growing out.
    I didn’t know what color it was!

  4. No coconut in cookies? First you bash Season 3 of The Office, and now you’re trash talking an ingredient that can bring nothing but chewy goodness to a cookie. What’s next- an aversion to hot air balloons?

    Okay, I’m over the coconut thing now. That does sound like a fun way to start the day 🙂 It sounds like the baker and coffee server are just as happy to have you there, as you are to be there.

  5. Yes. I have a place like that as well where I do my writing. The owner of the diner always asks how my novel is coming, though I never told him I what I am sitting there writing. It’s rarely novel-ish.

  6. Allison

    Coconut Macaroons = wonderful goodness

    Hostess snowballs = wonderful goodness

    Coconut cream pie = wonderful goodness

    a plain ol’ coconut cookie = wonderful goodness

    Coconut, one of life’s simple pleasures.

  7. I think you’re wonderful., William and I adore you. I really do.

    And I also want you to know that if I still had functioning ovaries, i would SO bear your children.

    Thanks for the birthday greeting, Sweetie. I am a better woman because of Xanax….and you.


  8. Free cookies and coffee, eh? Sounds pretty sweet to me! My boss brought us all bagels and cream cheese this morning… nyam nyam nyam, I’m going to be picking poppy seeds out of my teeth all day.

    Since I have only the vaguest idea of what you actually do, I’ve devised this whole story in my head that you’re secretly involved in some sort of Chinese prostitution ring. So every time you say you’re on out on “business”, I imagine you’re drawing plans to import Chinese slave wives. It’s much more interesting that way.

    P.S. *sniffle* Laurie is giving me an inferiority complex….

  9. Actually I work in the aviation circuit doing my dream job. All that training hasn’t gone to waste. That is until I get paid for VeggieMacabre. Then it’ll be a waste.

    Sorry to rip on coconut. I just can’t stand it. Much like Niel Diamond, there are two types of people in the world; those who like coconut and those who don’t.

    As for season 3 of The Office, I still love it. But the endings always fell short. I like the heart-felt endings. Like the Halloween episode in season 2 when Micheal was sitting at home alone feeling bad about firing an employee. Then the Trick or Treaters ring the doorbell and we see how big his heart really is. I miss those moments that I didn’t feel in season 3. That’s all.

  10. Wow, what a great post and even greater routine. My ass-backwards schedule on Thurs-Sun usually consists of me getting up around 1pm, taking a shower, trying to run an errand or two, working from 3pm-2am-ish, then coming home and staying up till 6am doing exactly what it is you do in the coffee shop, only it doesn’t involve free cookies and coffe, but does involve a lot of sitting, staring, and blog commenting. I gotta figure out how to fit a swim in there…

    It’s great you’ve got a place like that. The closest I have is the bar at T.G.I. Fridays. Partly because I used to work there (I really don’t want to talk about my flair), and partly because one of my best friends is the bartender. As sad as that sounds, it’s kind of my “Cheers.” It’s where everyone knows my name, and on a good night 3 or 4 people might actually yell my name all at the same time as I’m walking up to the bar. But most of the time they’re just rednecks yelling at The Braves losing on the TV.

    Oh, and just so you can get a jump on it, I’ll give you a super early reminder. My b-day’s on Nov. 2nd. It usually falls on election day. Last election, all I wanted for my birthday was a new president. Guess I’ll get my wish this year, one way or another.

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