My Head Is Out!

Ok, I’m back. I am sorry for the long break but I needed one. If you stick your head up your butt it really is amazing how long it takes to get out. But the important thing is that it is out and now I can continue providing people with the weird and macabre outlook I have on life. I have all sorts of great topics to write about and I am less of a retard with a rubix cube about Photoshop so now my imagination will come with pictures. Like this one. Pig Horse.

2 thoughts on “My Head Is Out!

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  1. a fat, tiny horse.
    is he in the witness protection program?
    is that why we can’t see his face?
    he probably sold out the pony mob about them turning their unlucky “associates” into glue.
    Tony Pighorse ponied up to the fuzz about the operation, to save his hide.


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