Duck Fight

Life has taken a few twists and turns over the past month. I guess that is why I haven’t been writing as frequently as I used to. But yesterday afternoon I had a bit of a creative awakening. I have been so self-absorbed I really missed the chance to notice life around me and get my usual inspiration from random happenings. Then I witnessed what few, I believe, have witnessed.

Driving through my neighborhood I pass a few man made lakes. Or maybe they are ponds. Actually I am going to go with small lakes. Anyway I noticed a lot of splashing and commotion in the center of one of the lakes. I immediately pulled over and rushed out to the dock to see exactly what was going on. Within a few seconds it became clear that I was witnessing a real life duck fight.

It was brutal and for a good 30 seconds there was nothing but splashing, quacking and feathers. But it wasn’t like watching two dogs fighting or bears defending one’s territory. It was actually ridicules and a little bizarre. Much like watching a Disney character go bad. I know that is a stretch but it elicits the same response from me. I’ve never seen a duck death match.

Well, after a few seconds it became clear that these two mallards were not giving up until one of them was flappers-up. So I, and I have no idea why, decided to break up the quarrel. Throwing acorns at them and shouting, “break it up ducks, you are embarrassing yourselves” I rapidly became disconnected from my present setting. Little did I know two ladies with a stroller stopped directly behind me and witnessed my efforts to stop the fight.

Between the well placed acorn throws and shouts of desperation to stop their duel, it worked. One duck flew one way and the other in the opposite direction. It didn’t seem that they accomplished anything more than proving to all other living creatures that much like a middle aged man on a scooter, duck fighting is something to lose respect over. So, with a sense of accomplishment I dusted off my hands and turned to walk off the dock towards my car. Then, to my surprise, I caught eyes with the two stunned soccer moms. Mustering my composure I walked past them with a purpose and said the only thing I could think of.

“It was a duck fight.”

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