Beat On The Brat

If you were a bully in school and you could only pick on one kid from the picture above whose ass you could kick, who would it be?






I bet you picked the tool in the reindeer sweater, didn’t you?

Yeah, that’s me.

6 thoughts on “Beat On The Brat

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  1. Great picture. I wonder how the girl that is wearing her girl scout outfit would feel looking at this today. I can’t think like a bully I am too nice (always have been always will be) so I can’t really find anybody in that picture to pick on. I think if you were the shy awkward kid that was picked on we would of been good friends. I spent so many recesses by myself, I asked to check out the red rubber dodgeball and I would walk around bouncing it. I think the duty teacher felt really sorry for me and would talk to me a lot lol. Then I just started going to the libary for a while and that is really sad when you spend your precious recess time in the LIBARY with BOOKS!! See you later Billy

  2. I was going to say the freak on the left making the stupid face. What a ‘tard. But yeah…reindeer sweater? Wow. 🙂

  3. wo!
    I just got hit with Aaaaaaaaaall sorts of elementary memories.
    I was a Brownie in school- I loved my uniform!
    Though in this photo- i would be represented by the girl in the pink coat.
    And I think I would have picked on the doof wiggling around on the left- he seems like an easy target.

  4. “Wow” in a “Oh, you were THAT kid” way… 😉
    Were you also the kid on the playgroud that ran around trying to kiss all the girls?

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