MBA Online Blues

This is what I am on the verge of doing right now. I have been “in class” for nearly two hours. I guess I am lucky to be “in class” in the comfort of my living room but believe it or not, I wish I was in a real classroom. Why? Well, for one I wouldn’t be writing this right now and two, Villanova grad school is hard and the distance make simple concepts more complex. Take a look at my class room.

There is the class roster on top, the question box below, the professor’s voice light thingy is on the bottom and the power point shit is on the main right side. I wonder if, someday, all classes in college will be like this? I hope not because the chance of getting a real good grasp of a topic is really dependent on how quick one learns by listening. The train moves pretty fast and I’m a slow hobo. But then again, if this was a real classroom I couldn’t do this.

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