MBA Online Blues

This is what I am on the verge of doing right now. I have been “in class” for nearly two hours. I guess I am lucky to be “in class” in the comfort of my living room but believe it or not, I wish I was in a real classroom. Why? Well, for one I wouldn’t be writing this right now and two, Villanova grad school is hard and the distance make simple concepts more complex. Take a look at my class room.

There is the class roster on top, the question box below, the professor’s voice light thingy is on the bottom and the power point shit is on the main right side. I wonder if, someday, all classes in college will be like this? I hope not because the chance of getting a real good grasp of a topic is really dependent on how quick one learns by listening. The train moves pretty fast and I’m a slow hobo. But then again, if this was a real classroom I couldn’t do this.

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  1. I have been mentally giving youtube the finger since last night. I haven’t been able to upload one particular video I worked on last night. But you have a better reason because college is more important then youtube (or at least that is what people tell me) I was thinking about once a few years ago taking college courses online for a private art school. The software basically consisted of paint shop pro and a chat room connected to it, the teacher could see in real time what you were drawing. I don’t work to my potential in paint shop pro freestyling. Someday they’ll make technology with a pencil with fiber optic in it or whatever and you can draw on a piece of paper the teacher can see online.

  2. I can feel your frustration, ,brther. Education can do that

    I can see the ad now:


    Funny Billy.


  3. I once took an online class in college.
    It was for a reading class, tho- sci fi and fantasy.
    And interaction consisted of message boards.
    I wrote a letter to Dean Koontz for extra credit.
    He made me join his newsletter.
    And then… uhm.
    I totally lost my fucking tangent.

    Oh wait.
    I ‘member.
    Online classes can totally suck.
    Hey. at least it’s not for DRIVING SCHOOL.
    THAT shit will kill you.

  4. kittymao, I heard of somebody doing an online driving school course because of a speeding ticket and it sucked and was totally stupid. They waited around for hours and hours logged in to rack up hours and then they did like an hour worth of work and it was over. People hate doing that shit on their days off.

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