Beer, Polka and Pumpkins Part 2


So there we were following a trail of slow movers (elderly) down the sidewalk to the festival center. I should have known this may be a little above our age because there was a giant bingo sign above the entrance. Never the less, there was  live accordions playing, dogs on the grill and I was sure kegs of beer inside. I’m kind of like a shark when it comes to beer. If sharks can smell a drop of blood per a million gallons of water than I can smell a drop of beer per one hundred people dowsed in Ben Gay. I know I am ripping on old people but hang in there. They actually rescue me at the end of this story.

Now that I am almost thirty I really feel that I should take full advantage of these festivals. Who cares about being reserve or what others think? When we walked into the festival I saw a sea of people all sporting German clothing, dancing, singing along and just having a good time. Damn it, I’m getting a hat! So that is what I did. I let my my guard down, bought us food, beer, a program, an awesome hat and introduced myself to the strangers sitting next to us. Of course they were as nice as they could be and just like that we were knee deep in Oktoberfest 2007.

I must admit that the fact our hotel was a mere fifty yards away made it hard to turn down my 7th beer and before I knew it the draw of the Orlando based Polka band was too much. We caught the end of a conga line that led right to stage center where it segwayed into the famous Chicken Dance-off. After that I tried my hand at real dancing and what looked simple really was not. I was 35 years younger than everyone there and I was getting my ass kicked on the dance floor. I returned to our seats a little sheepish but it was ok. When I was dancing like I had my legs on backwards a table full of old ladies from a Illinois charter line was watching and took pity and was able to give me guidance while the drummer of the band took my girlfriend on a real polka dance.

It only took a few lessons to really get the hang of it. I learned the two step, the waltz and the polka in less time than I learned I hate black licorice. It took me a few tries to be sure I really didn’t like it. Anyway, I had a blast learning and when I took the girlfriend back out on the dance floor I really turned it up a notch. Mainly because I was sure I wouldn’t break her hip if I had a polka mishap. I rule!

Well, soon the band was finishing up the encore and a bottle of Maalox was being passed around. I have to admit that hanging with these old ladies was the most fun I have had in a long time. They smoke, drink and cuss just like people I love. Too bad that they live so far away but that is always the bad part of vacations. You meet some of the greatest people in the world and at the end all you have is the memories. Better than nothing I suppose.

Well, soon the Oktoberfest was over and we had a blast to say the least. After saying our goodbyes, meeting the band and getting the to-go beer we made the trek back to the room. But I wasn’t ready to surrender yet. It was only 11pm and there had to be after party somewhere! And then I heard it. Someone was rocking Karaoke STYX and that is all I needed to keep the party going. We went into the bar and found a few barfly’s and a DJ that used to be in a KISS tribute band. He and I rocked a duet to “Rock and Roll All Night And Party Everyday.” Perfect end to a perfect day.

Part three is tomorrow and it is all about a quest for the annual pumpkin. It was strange and unusual but something to never forget.

3 thoughts on “Beer, Polka and Pumpkins Part 2

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  1. Oh man, that looks like so much fun. I love little bavarian towns! We regularly visit one when we are in Washington state-Leavensworth! The cutest little joints.

    I am also cusing myself for forgetting that I’m part german and not even TRYING to hit a hof-brau during octoberfest.

  2. In some of those pics you look like a leprechan…was that the plan?

    We made our reservations for the Pirate House, by the way, along with a lot of other plans…we’ll be in Savannah Friday afternoon; I can’t wait!

  3. I bet those old ladies had a blast hanging out with you too. I’m glad you felt comfortable enough to let your guard down. You know, I have met a group of people or just one person and I only knew them for a day or two or a week or a month out of my life and I’ll never see them again (unless I bump into them at the store or something) and I know that I will remember them forever and I learned a lot about them in that short period.

    I also remember at Thanksgiving and Christmas sneaking as a little kid over to the table that my two Aunts (they are in their 60’s now) after dinner, after we ate our pumpkin pie, and they would sit there drinking coffee, chatting and telling stories. Those stories were so adult I felt like the adults were letting me in on a little secret and I pretended to know what they were talking about and I acted like I wasn’t shocked by their stories. They should have their own show, they are so funny, smart and have so many great stories to tell among the two of them. It would kind of be like Coffee Talk (remember that old sketch on snl with mike myers? That was based on a real linda richman I believe her name she’s a real person!)

    And also Bill, you have to remember old people were young once and that deserves a different kind of respect. Us young people tend to tip toe around old people like they are already dead but I feel that’s very rude. We also tend to act like we are better because most of the time we are in better shape and our mental and physical health is overall better then the majority. I think some of them feel we are rubbing it in their faces that we are younger and healthier then they are. But believe me I don’t like it when people say that person was rude but they are old so I forgive them. If an old person almost runs me over with their car I get pissed off at them as equally as someone in their 30’s!! It happened a couple of months ago, hell yes I am still upset 🙂 I had to wait a good 8 minutes for the light to change again in order for me to walk across! (I wouldn’t dare try to cut in front of the cars I would get killed)

    Anyway I bet those old ladies are still going on about how they taught you how to dance and such! Hehe!

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