From The Horses Mouth

 The other day I was talking to a friend and we ended our conversation on the weirdest topic. I was explaining my fear of horses because when I was young my mom took me to a petting zoo and the farmer was missing a thumb. He used his deformity as a lesson to warn all the kids not to be rough on the animals because his thumb had been bitten off by a horse. The very thought of getting a finger bit off by an animal with square teeth terrified me. But that’s when my friend said the farmer’s story was a lie and there was no way the incisors of a horse could bite off a finger. That is when I upped the antie and claimed a horse definitly could and I bet I could bite off a human finger. Maybe not with my front teeth but definitly my back ones. Well, we had to agree to disagree but I will still feed a horse an apple from a stick.


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