Beer, Bama, And Carrot Eating Dogs

Yesterday after the Alabama game and possibly 30 beers under the belt each, my buddy and I began to debate whether the age of information is good or bad. Of course like any moderate conservative I took the road of good but with limitations. By limitations I mean no kiddie porn or access to bomb making secrets. Other that, anything goes. My buddy felt that information made so easy will keep kids socially inept and eventually lead to a class divide in which the people who “can’t do” post videos that will sway weak minded people into believing 9/11 was an inside job or something like that. Like I said, many beers were had.

I won him over after a few minutes of debate. I don’t know how this debate started or why but I put it all on the line by thinking of the most random thing possible to show him that freedom of information isn’t dangerous, it is American. So to prove my point I typed in a dog…with my name (Bill)…eating a carrot. This is what came up.

The dog’s name was Bill. Debate over.

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  1. lol that is exactly how I sound when I am eating a carrot too. Even though there are veggies in dog food I always feel uncomfortable when people think it’s funny to give their pet people food.

    I think the benefit of the internet in the angle that you were talking about with your friend is you can start a blog like you have done and type it up the way you want it. On tv there is a higher risk of someone editing what you say to make it sound like you said the opposite of what you meant. And you can’t get canceled (especially if it’s a free blog) People worry that with cell phones, myspace accounts, email etc. people having human contact with a face to face conversation will be very rare. I don’t think that will happen but it will be challenging to resist. I actually admire Amish people in a way because with all of the gadgets and electronics we have it can eat us alive, and has. We never look up and enjoy a clear sight of the moon and the stars at night anymore and things like that.

  2. Thank you. This is why you should call me every hour on the hour when you are awake just in case. And another thing on tv people are so worried they are going to get canceled they change a good thing and THEN they get canceled because they turned a great thing into crap. Like the shows Dark Angel, and John Doe, other sci fi shows that had a great simple storyline then they throw in a talking alien that only a couple people can see and then it goes to crap. It jumps the shark if you will. OH you should do a blog post about that. What shows were you pissed off about and stopped watching because they jumped the shark.

    Most of the internet isn’t fluffed up like tv, it’s raw and real and there is more of it. That is why it’s so damn great 🙂

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