Hello and Welcome!

Thanks to a friend of mine, kristiane, I have finally found the one blog spot to post everything I feel like talking about. Rest assured that there will be no talk of politics or religion. I’m going to focus mostly on what the world looks like from my perspective. Most of my friends will tell you that my out look on life seems to be different than most. I will never consider myself to be better than anyone but I will always find humor where it deserves to be pointed out. So in future posts, it may look like I am making fun of some poor soul, but in actuality I am just having fun….at their expense. Don’t worry, I will thank them at the end of the post. Credit where credit is due.

……..See? Funny! And thank you!

One thought on “Hello and Welcome!

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  1. Yes, it is funny. But I think he’s aiming for humor so it works.

    At some point, I hope the spelling of my name becomes easier, Byllie.

    I kid.

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