The 2017 Halloween Hell Show!

So it begins…

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 9.30.35 PM.png

Hi friends! It’s back and this year it is going to be gigantic! The 2017 Halloween Hell Show has commenced so put on the spooky soundtrack, crack open a pumpkin beer and let the party begin! I have so many sights to show you like reviews of crazy Halloween products, insane locations and hilarious movie recaps to help make the most out of the season. I won’t spoil it too much but I will say, this year I have really put the pedal down so expect a lot of content and please interact! Especially on Twitter and the Facebook Page. (Happy Birthday, Chad!)

Did you notice the blog is back? Well, I have come to realize that hosting a full flash enabled site has it’s advantages and disadvantages. The non-Wordpress style blog drove me insane and I ended up just not writing because I didn’t want to mess with it so for the season, I am bringing it back. Maybe forever? Perhaps. Be sure to click the latest post which will be a moving circle-thing on the Halloween Hell Show page.

This year I am dedicating the Hell Show to the memory of Dustin “Duddy” Pace who left us way too early. He was a sweet and kind person who would routinely make people’s day simply through kind words and gestures. He leaves a legacy that we should all strive to achieve. Where ever you are, Duddy, this one is for you, pal.

Now let the show begin!

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