2014 Champagne Review! Cham-PAIN!

So this is a late one to hit the press. I had a little trouble with the audio and apparently I am limited to file sizes thanks to all the money I spent on VideoPress. Really glad I invested. Also, my sarcasm has been turned up to eleven since the new year started.

Anyway, one of my very best friends came to visit for the holidays. It means a lot to me when I get visitors who take time away from their schedules and make the trek down to North Carolina just to cause havoc with me. Especially all the way from Minnesota. So sorry about your liver, Ben.

In my plans for the visit I was able to talk Ben into shooting a review with me. It’s a weird hobby but I am glad Ben obliged. In the next three videos, we review champagne because…why not? It’s the one day during the year you are supposed to,unless you win the World Series or something. Come watch and sorry, by the time we sat down to shoot this I was pretty out there. It was New Years, for God sakes! what would you expect?

This is the first of three since one long video would probably be an overkill. I hope you enjoy and trust me, this first bottle should not be consumed unless you were in a life raft adrift without anything else. Even then, you might want to empty the champagne in the ocean and use the bottle to send a message.

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