Magic Hat Summer Scene Variety Pack

Tis the season for fun and super sunburns! It’s a time every kid in America lives for and people like me look forward to sweating in a suit. But for adults Summer does have its perks like cooking out, beach trips and great light ales to quench the thirst after mowing the lawn…twice a week.

Today I am going to shed some light on a seasonal variety pack. I stick to variety packs mainly because it’s easier to shoot a video about four beers versus one. And it’s not quiet as boring because you have a…um…variety. Yeah.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 2.22.40 PM


Magic Hat is a great brewing company from Vermont and is as creative and trippy as the hippies who live there. It seems every year they get weirder and weirder and if you know me, then you know that is close to godliness as it gets. They take time to put a little fun and humor into their beers and it is backed up by the taste. It’s hard to argue with a product base that wins almost all beer-fests throughout the world.

Today’s review-vlog is the Summer Scene sample which includes the #9 Pale Ale, Idle Betty, Blind Faith IPA and the new HICU beer made from hibiscus and cucumber. The HICU is the new beer they brought to the table. Sounds good, right? See what we think in the video. (I say we because I am loner who plays by his own rules)

3 thoughts on “Magic Hat Summer Scene Variety Pack

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  1. Summer seems like a pretty choice beer-drinking time. Albeit the fun seasonal flavors of Fall give it an advantage. I only like beer ice cold. I’m guessing since you’re a more seasoned beef aficionado you don’t need everything expertly chilled to partake. Stoked for September, man! Whatever grotesque ideas you’ve got brewing! If you can find Dr Brown’s Cel-Ray soda it’s an awesome celery soda that’s nice and fizzy like a ginger ale.

    P.S. – Speaking of background, it’s hard to really tell, but in an upcoming Kool-Aid vid rev, I’ve got VM up on the laptop in the background.

    P.S.S. – At one point after first finding VM I started working through your archives. I forget where I lost my way but I’m motivated to go back through and ravage the entire VM backlog.

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