The Evil Cabin Dead Fever Beer Review

It has been a bit since I have done one of my idiot beer reviews so, on this day of the Sabbath, I figured I might as well get back on it. This time I have tied the beer review to something that I have been looking forward to for quite some time. The remake and release of a 1980 classic, The Evil Dead. I have not seen it yet but after the hype has calmed down I will be in row three with no snacks. I heard it’s pretty gory. I have an easy gag reflex.

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 4.05.35 PM

As far as the beer goes, New Holland Brewing from Holland Michigan, is one of my all time favorites. Jason Spaulding and Brett VanderKamp, the founders, represent the all-American dream; loving beer and deciding to get wealthy making it. This particular review is the winter brown ale, Cabin Fever. I love the spooky font and the bottle art makes me think that there is a body in the backyard wood chipper. It screams VeggieMacabre and now you’ll have to watch the video to see why.

Spoiler alert! I loved it.


3 thoughts on “The Evil Cabin Dead Fever Beer Review

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  1. Great stuff, bud! I could watch you fold laundry I’m such a fan of your vids. Let me know about Evil Dead after you see it! I thought it was pretty awesome.

    1. Thanks friend. I feel the same way about your videos.
      I will probably see this movie in a week. Need to let the hype pass first. Although opening night is always pretty magical.

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