In an effort to make this blog as dumb as possible I bought a better, fancier and more expensive camera that will insure all videos going forward will be 1080 HD full 3D PP. I don’t know. But a new toy means fun for the blog and just in time for the 2012 holiday season. Turn off the brain and get ready for new vlogs and trips!

Oh, and I was testing the camera for the new mini studio I am building in my office for the Halloween-shoot and I pressed some button and this happened…


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  1. Just spent the last half hour or so catching up on this joint. I went back and read the last couple of months worth of posts. My personal favorite moments:

    –A random screen grab from Fright NIght 2
    –Watching you awkwardly read from the bottom of a beer box.

    I’m trying to watch the vid from above, but my computer doesn’t like it for some reason and won’t play it. I’m pulling it up on my phone instead, but it’s taking forever to load. Actually almost all of the YouTube vids that are embedded here won’t play. I think I’ve been having a problem w/ Flash. I don’t think it’s the site. Probably just this old computer I’m using.

    You’ve seriously made m want to try some of these beers. I wonder if I can find any of them around here.

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