The Beginning

I think it is safe to say that this is a new beginning for VeggieMacabre and I am pretty darn excited about it. I have been threatening to do this for a while and even though there have been a few new things like videos and talk of audio commentary, there hasn’t been anything quite like today. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you a new factotum of mindless entertainment and hopefully fun…

Well there she is folks. And while there still is much to be done, the gist has been gist-ed. You will notice familiar music, pictures and people but over the next few weeks I am really going to make an earnest effort to make this a whole new experience with videos and articles much like Matt over at X-entertainment is known for. I will keep it lighthearted and fun. Here is a list of what is to come:

  • Another beer review season
  • Joint articles and vlogs from Review the World
  • Starting in September Halloween posts for each day of the season
  • Travel videos
  • Zog’s the bar updates and music shows
  • Cooking with fire
  • Starting mid-November the Christmas Holiday daily posts
  • Expanded “Where Did You Go?” posts with (gasp) a few lined up interviews

This is just a few of the things on the current drawing board so feel free to request something that might be fun to do! I will keep you posted on what else is happening on the site but until then, just click the “update” picture on the home page for what is new.


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  1. So very in love with the .tv! It fills me with all kinds of glee and happiness. If I had some pixie dust I could fly right now!

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