VeggieMacabre dot TV!

So the other day I mentioned the new website that will redefine how you view the web, life, the afterlife and most everything else. Well, I am going to share the beginning steps with you. Keep in mind that most everything will change because there is a webmaster builder guy that can speak CSS much better than I can. I have conceptual art on paper but that is hard to translate using ##green34$%peeps## and other odd code.

Now I will let you preview what is sure to be the new world of Veggiemacabre. Click on Ernest Borgnine to see the beginning steps on VMTV.

Like I said, it’s very early in stage but within two weeks we should be in full swing. Hurry up two weeks! And share suggestions too. I would love help to make this an entertaining site for all.

One Love!

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  1. SIR! I love how the .tv is looking. I especially love the header right now, that picture is fan-freaking-tastic! I cant wait to see all the new changes to come!

      1. Heck yeah! By the way, I do still have all the footage that we have shot and not edited/posted. I will be coming up to CDA in May for an Assistive Technology Expo, maybe we could meet up at some point then and do some editing and junks.

        Still totally diggin’ the .tv; I popped on there again today to take a look, I really like the color scheme, its all bright and, I donno, it just makes me happy!

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