I’m Here

Good grief I am sorry for the long absence. It seems that life gets crazier and crazier everytime I turn around and before I can stick my head out to see what is going on, the sun has not only set, but done so four or five times. So let me catch you up if you were curious.

  • I’m older. I turned 29 on Saturday. That sucks.
  • Damned near killed myself while driving through Washington. And by damned near, I mean I saw my life flash after my tire blew. These are a few of the images.


  • 000kg3yqesb_21bmulletI have officially declared snow and ice to be the worst part of Mother Nature. Snow rhymes with blow and ice rhymes with shitty-fuckfuck.
  • This is big news. I am officially down to two cups of coffee a day. If you don’t think that is a big deal than you should have heard me a few weeks ago on two pots a day. “HIMYNAMEISWILL! ILIKEFOOD, DOYOULIKEFOOD? GOOD! LET’SGOGETSOMEFOODANDEATIT! BECAUSEIT’SFOOD!”
  • I saw the movie, The Wrestler a while ago and it’s an amazing  movie. Loved every minute of it. But it’s definitely not a date movie.
  • I’m on a bowling league. I am also the worst one on the league. That really sucks too because there are two ladies who bowl with both hands. But if I am going to be bad at something, being a bad bowler doesn’t really bother me.
  • Apparently I am “King Treadmill”. I’m too big of a wuss to run outside.

Well, that’s all. As you can see, I’m not dead or missing. For the next couple of hours I will be catching up on everyone else’s blogs and I hope I haven’t missed anything huge. If I did, please tell me. I’ll make you a card out of construction paper and glitter-glue.

15 thoughts on “I’m Here

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  1. Here I thought I had a few more years on ya…

    Late happy birthday and all…

    And you picked north; ice and snow come with the package…

    Nice high in the 70s today back in the south, fyi….

  2. Happy belated birthday! I wish you had told us… I would have sent YOU a glittered construction paper card.

    31 isn’t that old. It’s older than me, but not by very much.

    You’re always welcome to send a glittered construction paper card my way… they make me smile. 🙂

  3. Happy belated birthday! I, too, am backing away from the coffee. But not by choice. The 2-year old submerged the coffee maker. Turns out they’re not kidding with those warnings.

  4. I don’t particularly want a construction paper glitter card but a visit would be nice! I love the saved by the bell picture. They are too happy in that picture. I love bowling ball bags they are so retro looking even new ones! I think if I carried a purse I would have the guts to use a bowling ball bag as a purse. I carry a wallet in my pocket around like a guy does but in my front left pocket. I have never been one of those people that depend on coffee. I drink it sometimes though. I hate birthdays they always make me feel like I am wasting my life. My birthday is coming up on March 7th. I think we are having two cakes for my birthday! An excess of calories will help cure my birthday blues.

  5. Life can sure get crazy but it’s good to see you back 🙂 I hope that being an old man is not too bad (haha, just kidding you’re still a young-whipper-snapper! 😉 ), and thanks for posting the picture of Zack and Kelly, I haven’t seen an episode of Saved by the Bell since Christmas time when I watched the Christmas special where Zack falls for the big-haired girl in the mall who’s actually homeless…lol 😉

  6. Mulletted little people playing basketball = funny.
    Little people in large groups = scary as hell.

    I have a phobia.


    “I haven’t seen an episode of Saved by the Bell since Christmas time when I watched the Christmas special where Zack falls for the big-haired girl in the mall who’s actually homeless…”

    OMG, how did I miss that episode? I realize now in my old age (I recently hit the 3-1myself) that I apparently missed all the good episodes of SBtB when I was a kid. I only just found out about the one where Jessie Spano takes speed and freaks out. I gotta go back and find that online somewhere now.

    Waitaminute…Mr. VM is too much of a wuss to run outside? Isn’t this the same fella that writes extensively on blogs about proper running shoes and such? Isn’t this the same fella that makes a point to be up at the crack of dawn so that he can blog from coffee shops while taking pics of strange locals and bathroom door signs? You sir, are supposed to the epitome of fitness and motivation to us all.

    I have to go and re-evaluate my whole life now.

  7. Happy Birthday!! Glad to see you didn’t die when your tire blew but loved to see what flashes when you almost do. I hate the ice and snow and that played a big part on my decision to move to Mesa. I’m excited and can’t wait for the sun. I LOVE bowling! That’s awesome you’re on a league…I want to be on a league. I had to laugh at the Saved By The Bell comments from Romi and DJ D, I totally remember both those episodes they’re talking about. I’m pretty sure I saw everyone ever made at least twice. Anyway, glad to see that you’re back!

  8. Loved the pics – my favorite is the midgets playing b-ball – you don’t see enough of that. Glad you are still alive! And Happy belated birthday!! It’s not easy being the worst at bowling – congrats for that!!

  9. My dad was on a couple of bowling leagues for years and has loads of trophies and stuff. It’s all I can do to keep the ball in my lane though, so I feel like I’m shaming the family name every time I get up there.

  10. Glad to hear you’re still alive and kicking (it up on the treadmilll, that is). Happy belated birthday :-). I love that you had the image of Zac and Kelly in your mind as your life flashed before you. I actually used to be a fan of the show (though I recognized its awfulness) until I saw Screech on VHI’s Celebrity Fit Club. What a jackass. Oh, and I think you should go back on coffee because I really enjoyedyourcaffeinateddialogue.

  11. It’s funny, I thought you might be approaching a birthday cuz you changed your photo to something contemplative and went from “billy” to “will” and then disappeared… At least I think you did. It is entirely possible I hallucinated the whole thing (Must stop licking toads for fun…) Still, just a few posts back you were grateful for being healthier than ever and blah blah blah and now 31 sucks? Feh and Pah to that I say… Enjoy another year of you AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Birthdays are good – way better than New Year’s Eve for reckoning and planning I find.

    I HEAR YOU SO LOUD AND CLEAR ABOUT ICE AND SNOW. No one has ever articulated it so beautifully, clearly, succinctly and accurately as you just did.

    I am entirely against you having near-death experiences and that flying duck with greasy looking pompadour is going to haunt me for the rest of my life…

    Perhaps you should consider drinking more coffee on the days that you bowl? Just a thought…

    All of this to say – glad you are back Will – glad you are back (smile)…

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