The Far Side

  Still my favorite.

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  1. Gotta love The Far Side. I have several favorites…the school for the gifted one where the kid is pushing the door instead of pulling it (or vice versa)….also, the cow citing poetry: Damn the electric fence, damn the electric fence, damn the electric fence.

  2. The Far Side is one of those things I use to gauge whether or not I can really like a person. If you just don’t think it’s funny at all, I don’t think we can be friends. The same could be said for Seinfeld.

    I have several of the huge Far Side collections and in one of them there’s an index in the back so you can go back and look up specific cartoons. The thing is, in the index under entries A-S, there’s nothing. Entries U-Z, there’s nothing. Under entry T, you can find all of them, listed as “The one about so-and-so…”, such as The One About the Boy at the School for the Gifted and so on. That’s just funny.

    Hey, got a question, and this is prolly going to sound kind of stupid. How do I make it so my picture shows up in that square box on the right? I know it’s simple, but I have no idea how to do it.

  3. Hey DJ! Um, I think people who have a wordpress account have pictures on their profiles. That’s really the only way that I know but I could be totally off. It’s good to hear from you, pal.

  4. Yeah, I’ve been thinking seriously about setting up a WordPress account of my own. I’ve got a lot of ideas for blogs and the blogging feature on MySpace just sucks. I’ve thought about just putting a link under the MySpace blog section that links directly to WordPress. It seems like WordPress is the way to go since just about all the blogs I read and comment on are WordPress ones anyway. This way I can be part of the club.

  5. I’m older than you William, so my memories of PSA’s or vastly different.

    I watched Native American Braves ride a canoe through polluted water and when he docked and walked near the street, someone through an old Burger King bag by his feet.

    He cried.

    I then was exposed to the evils of smoking…that it was ONLY for hoods and B girls.

    Yeah, I think they took. I grew up to be a cigarette smoking, Indian hating (never liked Cleveland) polluting prostitute.

    And yes. DJD, …come…COME to the snark side.. Hate your parents, refuse to made your bed and join the WordPress cult.

    Bend over, grab your ankles…hoot like an owl and screech, “Please Sir, .may I have another”.


  6. Bend over, grab your ankles…hoot like an owl and screech, “Please Sir, .may I have another”.

    Is this somehow part of the initiation when you first get a WordPress account? Cause if so, I’m starting to have my doubts.

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