What To Do, What To Do…


  Ever had a moment where you completely blank? I had that moment the other day.  I have been training on really advanced aircraft over the past years and it has, in a way, detracted from the gut instinct skills most pilots aquire from flying smaller planes. So I decided to take up a Piper Seminole with a senior instructor to regain some of those “Yeager” skills that on-board advanced computerized cockpits do for you. The problem was that when I climbed to the right seat I completely spaced. I had over 200 hours in a dual engine Seminole but all that went bye-bye for a brief minute.

  Pilots have been known to be confident and at times cocky. There was no way I would be able to climb out the door in defeat. I just needed time to think as I flipped through the check lists and operating hand book. When the pilot in monitering (PM) climbed in it came back in a wave. It’s so funny how the brain works. Just when you think you are completely screwed the vault unlocks and information flows freely. I blame it on lack of circulatin from the hotel’s vacume sealed sheets. My brain was lacking nessecary blood.

  I wasn’t lying about the Holiday Inn’s well made bed. I woke up walking on my tip toes and had a crick in my neck. I think it is from the 5 pillows I sleep on. Regardless, I blame the Holiday Inn on my slow flight.

  So that was the most exciting thing that happened this week. That and eating at an Italian restaraunt called “Italian Food”. So sorry the posts have been infrequent and my comments have been lacking. I have read up on everyone but it is too hard to comment using my shitty Blackberry. You are all still loved.

  Oh yeah! I am writing movie reviews for J.P. at The Flesh Farm. He just added me to the staff so check out the site on my blogroll. I should have some reviews up soon!

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