From The Horses Mouth

 The other day I was talking to a friend and we ended our conversation on the weirdest topic. I was explaining my fear of horses because when I was young my mom took me to a petting zoo and the farmer was missing a thumb. He used his deformity as a lesson to warn all the kids not to be rough on the animals because his thumb had been bitten off by a horse. The very thought of getting a finger bit off by an animal with square teeth terrified me. But that’s when my friend said the farmer’s story was a lie and there was no way the incisors of a horse could bite off a finger. That is when I upped the antie and claimed a horse definitly could and I bet I could bite off a human finger. Maybe not with my front teeth but definitly my back ones. Well, we had to agree to disagree but I will still feed a horse an apple from a stick.


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  1. There was a woman on a local tv show in the early 90’s when she was a kid (she lived at a farm growing up and moved over here from the south someplace) her ring finger on her left hand I believe it was the first digit got bitten off by a horse. I have part of a video they did a segment where they visited a nail salon and after the segment she said into the camera “can I have 10 percent off because I have 10 percent off” and she is showing her hands up to the camera. The girl was actually not a bad looking blond I am making her sound like a ugly hick.

    Like my new account? Made it last night 🙂

  2. Horses do not equal a terrific past time in my book. I rode one once. It was bumpy. Not going to do it again. I am glad that this conversation made it to the internet.

  3. Jodi, I love it. Love the feel.

    Kristiane, there only a few who enjoy that conversation and that’s why I share. It’s all for you.

  4. Thank you. I have the most professional looking blog on the interwebz. A new blog consists of lots of tweeking at the beginning. God I love computer tweeking 🙂 i just got done with the banner. I am my worst critic and I think it looks pretty good. And you should NOTICE I put you on my blogroll among others. See you later Billy I love you.

  5. Unlike human teeth, horse teeth are actually thick cubes used for sheering off grass, which isn’t very hard to do. So while it would be possible for them to take off part of a finger, their teeth aren’t shearing blades that could take off an entire thumb like human teeth could (and I know a guy who did that to someone who kept poking him!). That and just about any horse is going to stop and open their mouth as soon as they realize they’ve accidentally grabbed the wrong thing.

    I also do, however, know the occasional horse who’s been so horribly abused they’ve turned into mankillers (and I’m being literal in the case of one), so the farmer’s warning was a good thing to do even if it was partially a lie.

  6. gawtdamn horses.
    I find them to be beautiful animals.
    I’ve never ridden one, but I’d like to… and yet- they can be such malicious jerks.
    One kicked me in the hand once.
    farkin’ bastitch.
    So- Uhm. I like horses.
    Any horse with an additude- i won’t put up with that.
    Not sure how I would get that point across to a horse.
    But yeah.
    end transmission.

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