Experience Is What Get When You Didn’t Get What You Want

Sometimes, life can explain itself in such a way you just have to laugh. Since my great “speech” I made a week ago to some of the smartest and most promising young professionals America and Canada has to offer, I have really been reflecting on me as a person. One reason is, well, I should not have been there in the first place and the other is the way I constructed the presentation as whole. you see, the topic was on success and the techniques each person uses to obtain it. I am not a success. Actually, the definition as a whole I find aggravating. Really successful people do not view themselves as a success because there is always more to accomplish. Well, that’s my view anyway.

Instead of lying to the audience of 1500 I took a different approach. I explained how to get up after being knocked down. No one knows disappointment and goal changes like this guy here. I mean, no matter how many times I type it, I will always misspell “briliant”. FUCK! Brilient. Brilliant. See? Marching to one’s owns beat can have it’s lessons so here are some of my Powerpoint topic headliners.

“Walls are only there to keep out those who don’t want it bad enough.”

Man, this is true. When I really want something, it’s as good as done. Unfortunately there are a lot of amazing opportunities that have passed me by for the simple reason that I never looked for ways around the obstacle.Where there is a Will, there is a way. I am Will, by the way.

“It seems in times of great adversity, these are the times that can define us.”

This is everything to me. Everything. It’s why I run as far as I do. It’s why I beat my head against the wall over those who most would normally give up on. And it’s why I look at disappointment as an opportunity. Believe it or not, this is written on a piece of paper and in my wallet at all times.

“I am a dreamer. Live with it.”

You can’t change who you are. I am a dreamer and I always have been. But I think good dreamers are those who have envisioned the product after hard work and sacrifice. Those who dream and don’t include the hard work are more like…bad dreamers. Yeah, I got nothing. But don’t buy a bridge from those type of people! Or an airplane. Anything, really.

There were a number of those motivational bullets but as a whole it really just summed up my life as a “try; try again” event. It went over well and was met with lots of laughs and applause which I find odd. I just told everyone I am not a success, an executive nor young which was the entire subject of the conference. Jokes on them.

But I will say my last two slides gave some great advice and I stand by them.

“In the candy dish of life, don’t be the Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher or the Lemon Starburst. You will always be last.”

“If your friend drives a Jetta and takes up two spaces in a full church parking lot with tags that read “DSCGOLF”, get rid of him/her. There can not be winners without losers.

I think I should copywrite those two, what do you think?

I’m Doing This Before I Die

I think most people have a list of what they plan on doing before they die. Whether it is a completely insane like hang-gliding off the Empire State Building or as simple as going to Italy I have always had a respect for those who at least value life enough to make a future list. We only go around this merry-go-round once (I think) so we should make the most of it.

Really, this thought was inspired by the late, great Professor Randy Pausch. If you are not familiar with him let me catch you up to speed. He was a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon until he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that metastasized through his body so rapidly, there was nothing that modern medicine could do but give him 3 to 6 months to live. Knowing his mortality he gave the most inspirational lectures that I have ever heard about living to live rather than preparing to die. He lived his last days the way we should live everyday. An amazing person. Here is a quick clip about Randy and I will post the entire lecture at the end of this post. Please watch it at some point.

So here is my list of what I want to do before I check out. Some of these may seem ridiculous but it’s my list so back off! Just kidding. They may seem a little silly.

  • I want to climb El Capitan. Just the thought of standing next to this rock makes me momentarily lose bladder control. I have a long way to go for this so I am starting small. Yesterday I climbed onto the roof of my car.
  • Learn the entire Thriller dance. Plus the “Moon Walk”.
  • Qualify and complete the Hawaii Kona Triathlon.

  • Pet a live Great White without losing a limb or cutting this list short.
  • Perform the Heimlich on someone. That is depending on circumstance but if push comes to shove, I might just “mistake” someone as a choking victim just to knock this one off the list.
  • Watch the space Shuttle take off from Cape Canaveral.
  • See Iron Maiden, reunion of The Darkness, and Daft Punk in Germany.
  • Streak somewhere.
  • Get an IHOP sponsor for a relay eco-challenge team so I can legitimately claim we are powered by pancakes.
  • See Aurora Borealis.
  • Sing Flock Of Seagulls at a Karaoke bar in Key West, FL.
  • Learn “Classical Gas” on guitar.
  • Tell everyone I have wronged how sorry I am and tell my family that I love them all.
  • Mentor a kid.
  • Maybe have a kid of my own.
  • Catch a home run from an opposing team and then throw it back onto the field.
  • Read War and Peace, understand it and then teach it.
  • Watch the F-14 fly again.
  • Write my book and make it to some best seller list.
  • Throw a paper airplane off the Eiffel Tower.
  • Swim in the Dead Sea.
  • Write a blog about a lot of nonsense.

There are a lot more but that is what I have for now. I am sure most people would have more meaningful items but then again, I don’t live a life like that. You have to have fun. I think that is the secret to life. I wish I could have asked Jack Palance.

Here is Professor Randy Pausch’s entire final lecture. Please watch if you have the time. It will be worth it.

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