I’m Three!

Well, before August gets here I suppose I should post something or suffer the fate of July 2010 being the first month I missed sharing my thoughts, random obscure trivia and death pools like how long will Brian Dennehy be circling the drain for.  Yeah, this blog has never been one to accumulate mass amounts of good karma points but I digress. Tonight I finally have time to catch everyone up. All three of you. There is no work that is pressing at the office, my research has finally gotten to a manageable cluster and I decided to rest and not run another race tomorrow.  I am currently staring at six more marathons and an ultra relay before October’s end. So with this free time, where to begin?

Living in Moscow Idaho is like living in the DOS prompt of America. There is really nothing here and if you leave this town you will drive through miles of rolling hills, blue sky and occasional farms only to arrive in another town that looks just like the one you came from. It’s a lot like living in a flash program. It will never change and does not end. Kind of like this.

I think my neuro research has effected my brain. Irony! I have spent so much time in the lab, hospital and library, I think I am socially inept. Yesterday I was at the local Co Op (hippy grocery) and the check out girl asked me what color my eyes were. I told her I wasn’t sure because I can’t see them. In my mind I was trying to be funny playing off the fact that I see with them and was unable to…you get it. But I came across like a dick-nerd. The worst kind! Being a nerd is bad enough but when a dick lable is added, that makes my fists itch. But I regained and thanked her for her compliments and the promptly spilled my change on the floor. I’m going to buy my fruit somewhere else for a while.

I witnessed my cat eat a fly today. It wasn’t good enough that she licks her butt but now eats flies. Just thought you needed to know.

This blog turns three years old in a couple of days. I don’t trust myself to post on the exact day so I’ll just say it now. Weee! A lot has happened in the past three years and I wouldn’t do anything different. Well, probably quit tequila sooner. I don’t miss making this face anymore.

I missed motherfucking David Bowie Day! Dag rabbit! Okay, since it was my brain child to begin with I think I reserve the right to change the date. It will now be David Bowie Day on August 14th. Mark it on your calendar. Do what you have to do and when you do, you’ll know what to do. Remember that.

So here is to another three years of nonsense! Thanks for tagging along and all the great people I have met on the way. Seriously, it’s amazing how many friends I have just because I decided one day to start this WordPress page. I love you all. So, I guess it’s back to the path. See ya on the way!

Things I Have Lurnded In A Weekend

Foof! I rocked David Bowie Day a little too much on Friday, the 18th day of 2008. (hee) I convinced an entire bar that it was officially David Bowie Day and the manager obliged my request and played all my Bowie cds. It was great fun and I wish you were all there. It’s nice to leave and get “Happy David Bowie Day” from 30 people you don’t even know. I wonder if they will be pissed when they find out that it’s not completely official. And by ‘completely official’ I mean outside of my own head and the select few who read VeggieM. Meh, who cares?

So this weekend I took note of a few things. Everyday is an epiphany for me.

  • I’m never going to use the term, “Doggie Bag” at a restaurant again. I’m not sure what I would be taking home.
  • If you hit someone’s house with a golf ball, they get pissed. Even though the stupid assholes bought a house right on a course where people hit hard white balls with clubs and have the accuracy of Stevy Wonder with a dart.
  • Patron tastes better with an orange slice. I can’t explain it but it does.
  • I gave blood on Saturday and the nurse(?) told me that the stick would feel like a little bee sting. If that is supposed to calm me down, why do people go bat-shit crazy when bees are around?
  • On the same topic of giving blood, when the ears start popping, you have about twenty seconds before you take an involuntary nap.
  • Smelling salts hurt the nostrils.
  • An older black woman said I was “Fly”. I don’t know what that means, but I like it.
  • David Bowie’s character in the movie Labyrinth isn’t Jarrod. His name is Jareth. Dude still has funny pants.

That’s pretty much it. My weekend was uneventful by many people’s standards. How was yours?

Happy David Bowie Day!

I’m starting something and I need your help. This time of the year is really short on holidays and I end up falling into the “too excited for Halloween too early” dilemma that happens every August. So I am going to combat that by revising the calendar and adding my own holidays to get excited for. Today is David Bowie Day. Is it his birthday? I don’t think so. I just declare that today, the eighteenth day of 2008 to be international David Bowie Day.

(the worst drawn party hat ever)

So this is where you come in. I want you to pick a day on the calendar and create your own holiday other than your own birthday. I will put it into my Outlook calendar and it will remind me a week before the day arrives. Then I will write a whole post dedicated to your holiday and we can all celebrate together.

So for now, you can listen to my favorite David bowie song, “Ashes to Ashes”. And tonight I am going to rock the Labyrinth and poke fun of Jarrad’s hilarious horse riding outfit, minus the horse. Happy David Bowie Day!

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