Halloween Hell Show Starts..


NOW! Howdy folks and welcome to the annual Halloween Hell Show here at the Casserole of Disaster! This year will be filled with almost two solid months of thrills and chills so I hope you’re in the mood for it. I have places to take you and products to yap about so open the bag of candy corn and enjoy because we only tolerate that stuff until October 31st.

Tomorrow will begin the first review and a whole calendar of events that will layout the show. Kind of like a TV Guide, if you will. Each day will have a theme like “Monster Movie Monday” or “Live From the Studio Saturday” (these aren’t the actual names but you get it). This way you can join in the fun and help add to the festivities!

Keep an eye out on the main page of the Halloween Hell Show for new posts which will redirect you here. The intro video will be hitting tonight when Final Cut decides it wants to render one TINY color correction I made four hours ago. But that’s life in show business, ya know?

So enjoy the show and come have fun with us! Stay glued to here because the video is the real kickoff. I’m a dope.

5 thoughts on “Halloween Hell Show Starts..

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  1. Will/Bill!! So Great to see the COD again! Happy Days! 🙂 Thanks to You, and the other Greats (who know who they are ;), Halloween is so much more than specials, music & candy… It’s a time for the Freaks to Gather!! 🙂 – Can’t Wait to see what you’ve got in store for us this year, Sir!

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