Way Too Early, I Know

But Matt over at X-Entertainment.com has kicked things in gear early too. I have changed a few things on the ol’ website that I am sure you will notice. Do not be alarmed! I am merely doing this because at over at Zog’s, Mandey’s bar, we are creating an epic Zogtober Fest 2011 that will start around mid September. Seeing how time flies like a bird high on speed that flew through a chemical fire, I need to start on the website so that it is ready to capture the pure macabre of the season without too much effort on my part because lately, we all know how much time I devote to all things awesome. Not very much. Here is a quick snap shot at the webpage that will be a true Halloween miracle.

So, be prepared to be disturbed. We have some good things in store if you like this kind of thing.

2 thoughts on “Way Too Early, I Know

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  1. Man, with all of the Halloween countdowns going on in this and other blogs, this is going to be the most Halloweeny Halloween ever to Halloween. Looking forward to it!

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