It seems that a lot of my attention has been focused on the site and I haven’t been throwing a lot of content towards where it all began. Part of the reason is a situational dilemma (ei. real life and responsibilities) and another part is inspiration. I remember a couple years ago I would channel my real life through the blog and reading back on it now, there were some pretty funny episodes of my life. I want to recapture that outlook again and stay away from just stating random thoughts via Facebook and Twitter. Writing is both theraputic and a great medium to share how crazy my perception of life really is. There is more to this fast-paced gape that I have been strolling through life with. Sometimes you have to sit down and record it. It needs to be shared so others can say, “how does this guy make it with those ridiculous interpretations of observation?”.

I donno

So, neglecting my true love with writing, all the vlogs, website visuals and music clips will be put second. I am glad to say that I have finally gotten my imagination and creativeness to work again. So be prepared to have me steal your intelligence.

Speak to me, Egor.

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